Korina’s Presidentiables Analogy as School Bus Drivers Says Mar Is the ‘Expert Driver’

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On Wednesday, TV broadcaster Korina Sanchez, presidential candidate Mar Roxas’s spouse, joined Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala in distributing PhP 54 million worth of farm implements and assistance to farmers in different parts of Davao del Sur, according to a post from Inquirer.net.

Here, she made an analogy of the four presidential candidates, comparing them to each other as school bus drivers.

On the post, she said that she will not identify who’s who.

She went on to say that there are four drivers applying for the job and one of them is a thief. She pointed out that choosing this driver will bring no good to the children riding the school bus.

Then, she said that another applicant loves wearing “white and is kind” but is not yet expert since this driver is still learning the ropes of driving. Sanchez said that picking this driver might end up to having the children driven to Iloilo instead of their house in Davao del Sur.

Next, she said that another applicant is “hot-tempered and always angry.” Sanchez mentioned that if the children on the bus are annoying, this driver might point a gun to them. Worst, this driver might slap those really unrelenting ones.

She ended with the fourth applicant saying that this one is the “expert driver” who has been driving for 25 years. She said she is not going to name who because ” I know you know him already.”

Sanchez encouraged the farmers who were at the event to support the Liberal Party standard-bearer, Roxas. She pointed out that only him could continue President Aquino’s agrarian reform program.

So, who’s who? What do you think of Korina’s analogy?