Kobe Manila Tour 2011: The Black Mamba has Landed!

LA Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant aka Black Mamba arrived in Manila yesterday for his Asian Tour. It’s his first stop to the five Asian cities he will be visiting (Dope, right!) At 2:30PM-3:15 PM, he will be at the Nike Park in Bonifacio High Street in Taguig. And at 5:00PM-6:30PM, he will be at the Araneta Coliseum to host a basketball clinic for young athletes aspiring for professional leagues. Kobe’s last visit When in Manila was back in 2009 and now’s his fourth time to visit the city.


Welcome to Manila, Kobe! (photo taken from Nike Basketball PH Facebook Page)

Fast facts about the Black Mamba : Kobe Bryant is the son of former Philadelphia 76ers Joe Bryant. At 14, he made his first “legit dunk” and he started playing basketball for Lower Merion High School, Pennsylvania. He got drafted in the NBA in 1996. Since then, he took every opportunity to step up his game. His career-long achievements include playing in 13 All-Star games, 7 MVP titles (regular season, Finals, and All-Star Games combined), a handful of championship rings and a slam dunk trophy. In addition, he is the only player to have scored 81 points in a single game (vs. Toronto Raptors in February 7, 2011) Talk about a mean-green scoring machine!

Kobe Manila Tour 2011 (Photo taken from Nike Basketball PH Facebook page)

Are you heading over to the Araneta Coliseum later to catch the Black Mamba? If yes, you’re one lucky guy/girl! Got extra tickets to spare? When in Manila, please text me asap at this number: O915…. lol just kidding!

Some of the questions answered by Kobe Bryant during the Kobe Manila Tour Presscon:

Q – Mulawin Estrellado asks: are you excited with the plans of you, D-Rose and Kevin Durant playing a pair of charity exhibition games against SMART-Gilas Pilipinas national team and an all-star squad from the PBA. with proceeds of the games going to the MVP Sports Foundation? 🙂

A – I haven’t heard anything about that! I read about it and that was the first time I heard about it.

Q – Kristoffer Cabillan asks: Whats your reaction about shaqs retirement!!!!>????

A – All good things come to an end, the guy was an unstoppable force when he was playing. If he goes to TNT (and joins the announcer team) that would be exciting, we’ll see what happens.

Q – Daryl Webb asks: what is his favorite place and foods here in Ph. 😉

A – Every time I come here I never really get the chance to eat any of the local stuff, so i’m open to suggestions to food!

Q – Gilbert de la Cueva asks: out of ur kobe line shoes(1-6),which of them did you find the best performance while playing in them?

A – I can’t choose, too hard to do. Each shoe is special and it’s just too hard to pick a particular one.

Q – Advice to kids?

A – It all comes from the same place, which is love of the game. I just did the same drills I did when i was a kid the only difference is I did it more.

Source: Nike Basketball PH Official Facebook Page


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