Kislap Pangarap: “Abot kaya ni Nena ang pangarap niya?”

Kislap Pangarap: “Abot kaya ni Nena ang pangarap niya?”FINAL-KISLAP-PANGARAP-PUBMAT

The UP Communication Research Society applicants batch 14-A presents “Kislap Pangarap”, a two-day human exhibit showcasing the aspirations of youth from Tahanan Sta. Luisa, a shelter for abused street girls. This is a mobile exhibit, which runs from October 7-8, 2014 at the University of the Philippines, Diliman.


“Kislap Pangarap” aims to raise awareness about the realities at-risk youth face in acquiring education and what we can do to help. The event launch will take place at the College of Mass Communication Veranda on October 7 at 10AM. Afterwards, students dressed up as the aspirations of the girls will go to designated stops around the campus to promote the event. On October 8, a still exhibit will have the girls’ drawings of their aspirations on display at the Old Film lobby in the College of Mass Communication.


Heart shaped lollipops will also be sold throughout the event. All profit will be given to Tahanan Sta. Luisa. Entrance to the exhibit is free, but the help we extend to the girls is priceless. For more information, contact Myrnelle Cinco at 09176315465.




Kislap Pangarap: “Abot kaya ni Nena ang pangarap niya?”

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