Keiko Necesario Releases Her Latest Single “Planeta” as a Newly Independent Artist

Singer-songwriter Keiko Necesario welcomes the month of March with a new single, “Planeta”—her first release in two years. The song comes with extra excitement as it is also her first new release and self-produced track as an independent artist after 4 years of working with a major record label.

Her newest song, “Planeta”, talks about the story of falling in love in the context of learning about a person and getting to know them as if you’re on a different planet, a whole new world you’re slowly becoming a part of while discovering more and more about that someone.

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Keiko Necesario shares with that the whole track was inspired by a single line she thought of one night in 2022: Kung saan, saan na napadpad. Sa mundo mo lang naman lumilipad.

When I wrote that, I immediately had the word “Planeta” in my head. I felt like those lines painted a clear picture of a world, created by the wonderful tale of falling in love. So I finished the song the next day and I just knew I wanted it to be a song that I’d release in the future,” she shares.

What was she doing for the past two years before the release? Writing songs, of course!

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“I think I’ve written some of my best songs in the last 2 years… I’ve gone through a lot of different transitions and growing during that span of time and I think I was able to capture exactly what I wanted to say in those songs. That’s why I’ve been so excited to release all of them because they all hold so much value and meaning to me and the people around me,” Keiko shares.

Now that she’s back to being an independent artist, according to her, it’s a familiar feeling since she was an independent artist for 9 years before signing with a label.

“There’s so much more that I do now because there were so many things that I’ve also had to discover over the last decade;
especially now that times have changed,” the singer-songwriter admits. “But honestly, God still has been so good to me because I also have amazing friends who are talented and gifted and are helping me figure things out along the way.”

With Keiko Necesario’s new release, fans and fans-to-be can look forward to hearing more new songs from her soon. “Planeta” is just the beginning of her return to the airwaves.

“Planeta” by Keiko Necesario is now available on all digital streaming platforms. Listen to it on Spotify here:

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