Kate Hudson Debuts Buzz Cut For Sia-Directed Film

In a shocking photo, Kate Hudson has traded her iconic beach-blonde locks for a shaved head!

Kate posted a photo of her buzz cut for the first time on Instagram, while on set for her latest movie, Sister, written by Sia.

Fans have noticed that Kate has been wearing several convincing wigs and head wraps to conceal her head, apparently wanting to keep her new look a secret for her upcoming movie.

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The 38-year-old has also been strategically cropping her Instagram pictures to hide the top of her head.

 Kate is showing some serious dedication to this movie — lips are still sealed on what her role is going to be in the new flick, yet the fact that she took such a drastic measure to her hairstyle suggests that the film is going to have a heavy story.
What do you think of Kate Hudson’s new hairdo?

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