Juvenile Dance Crew’s 1st Dance Concert: Pledging for Peace Through Movement and Music

The Juvenile Dance Crew, with its university-wide partner organization, UST-UNESCO, will be holding its first ever annual dance concert event, “ASCEND: Peace Amidst War,” at the UST Medicine Auditorium.

For years and years of cultivating the stage, performing and taking their passion in dancing towards the fulfillment of inspiring and learning and competing in battles after battles across the metro, they are now taking the platform to place their own contribution in pledging to the advocacy of promoting the much-needed amity in the world, through dance.

The Juvenile Dance Crew's 1st Dance Concert: Pledging for Peace Through Movement and Music

Gathering the bona fide members of the dance crew inside and outside of the UST organization, along with some of its alumni members, this will be the first ever dance concert event the Juvenile Dance Crew will be holding in its entire 6 years of existence. The theme of the concert is [initially] largely inspired by the origins of the war in Syria, according to the group’s event write-up.

“After watching this infographic video about the war in Syria and [have seen] how it progressed so complicatedly, the realization that war starts with one person or a group caught the group’s interest [as a subject of this concert],” said by Thomas Moll, former president of the Juvenile Dance Crew, in response to why they chose the theme.

On the other hand, the captain of the Juvenile Dance Crew, Priam Publiko said, “We want to inspire and hopefully to encourage people to do the same – seek for and speak for peace – by means of their own art. As for us, [it’s through] dance,” when asked about the concert’s main goal. “Simple initiatives like this doesn’t mean nothing.

The concert will feature dance performances from UP Street Dance Club, Legit Status, Team Package Makers, Kid Lightning Crew and WATAH. Also, Julia Mella and John Saga will serenade with a special song performance.

Tickets will still be sold during registration, which will start at 5pm at the back entrance of the UST Medicine auditorium, located at the 4th floor of the St. Martin de Porres Building. For ticket reservations, you may contact Jim Yumang at 09955023683 or you may message the Juvenile Crew Facebook page www.fb.com/juveniledancecrew ; Inquiries and reservations will be accommodated.