Joey de Leon’s Tweet About Earthquake in Nepal Earns Flak Online

Last April 26, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake jolted Nepal, which as of the moment has a death toll count of about 4,310. According to Prime Minister Sushil Koirala, the toll could reach 10,000. Reports say that over 8 million people in 39 districts are affected by the massive earthquake.

Help is pouring in from all over the world and it’s quite uplifting to know that many are willing to lend a helping hand especially at times like this.

And then, there was this one tweet.

Joey de Leon Nepal Tweet (1)

(Rough translation: To those who were buried in the highest point in the world due to the avalanche because of the earthquake in Nepal, may you Everest in freeze!)

Veteran comedian and TV show host Joey de Leon posted an intriguing joke about the earthquake in Nepal, specifically about the aftershock that caused the avalanche in Mt. Everest.

Some netizens found the joke distasteful because it was insensitive to say and the timing was off. Some appreciated the joke but still agreed that it was too soon to joke about.

De Leon addressed the comments with the following tweets.

Joey de Leon Nepal Tweet (2)

(Rough translation: Why is it on Twitter, if they don’t get the joke or if they didn’t come up with the entry, it’s nonsense. I just condoled, idiots!)

Joey de Leon Nepal Tweet (3)

(Rough translation: To those “righteous” out there: Do not talk to me about respect for the dead. Talk to the creators of The Walking Dead and Vampire series!)

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