Jhajing Fashion Accessories: A Shopper’s Haven


When In Manila, a woman does not forget to drop by her favorite clothing stores. Jhajing Fashion Accessories is such a store that serves as a favorite of online and recently, regular shoppers alike. An avid online online shopper will recognize Jhajing Fashion Accessories as one of the top online stores here in the metro. Catering to fashion bloggers, enthusiasts and the like; its products and items are always a sure hit to those seeking trendy and up-to-date items!




 Jhajing Fashion Accessories sold handmade accessories at first. When the proprietor couldn’t handle the number of orders, she decided to resort to outsourcing.  Jhajing Fashion Accessories bought items from other countries such as Hongkong and Taiwan. This might mean a skyrocket of prices for other entrepreneurs; but Jhajing Fashion Accessories being of existence because of Ms. Jaja Bolos’ passion for fashion,  chose not to take advantage. It’s clothes, shoes, accessories and bags remained budget friendly, with prices ranging from 100-1,800 only!
















Now, Jhajing Fashion Accessories, is known for selling a gargantuan amount of not just accessories but also clothes, bags and shoes! This amount of items also accomodate Jhajing Fashion accessories’ large haul of loyal customers. The store has never failed to provide its shoppers some sort of haven: a place for retail therapy. 














Jhajing Fashion Accessories sell clothes that are chic, classy and trendy. It comes up with clothes with floral, tribal, scarf-prints and graphic prints. Their designs are a mixture of original, imported and zara/mango/topshop inspired clothes. It’s material range from cotton, nylon, sheer and denim. Some are neon, gold, with cut-outs, lose, fit, short, maxi, high-low, etcetera. There’s no specific style that  it submits to-feminine, lazy, boyish, corporate, sexy, you name it, Jhajing Fashion Accessories have it. .

















Being a follower of Jhajing Fashion Accessories,  I decided to treat myself with my favorite items from their collection!





 (L-R) 2 tone sheer top  with gold-tipped collars 430 , bangles 100 each, floral dress 530, silver collar necklace 230,

necklace with metal details 230, neon floral shorts 530








Visit Jhajing Fashion Accessories



#56 Visayas Avenue, Quezon City. (beside Shell Gas Station)



 and follow them on twitter for updates!




 Thank you to: Ms. Jaja Bolos, Ms. Mela and Debbie Zara 









Jhajing Fashion Accessories: A Shopper’s Haven 



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