Jasmine Curtis-Smith Was Body Shamed On IG For Being “Too Thin”

When it comes to showbiz, it’s damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Celebs are human too, and while they’re in the public eye, it can get so hard when you’re being scrutinized by people when it comes to your every move. Gain a bit of weight and they call you all sorts of insulting names; lose some and it’s the same story. Sometimes you just can’t win with people.

Jasmine Curtis-Smith, who joined her older sister Anne as she enjoyed a bachelorette party in Los Angeles, was recently body shamed on Instagram for being “too skinny”. What started with an innocent travel post turned into an avenue for netizens to scrutinize her weight loss.

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Jasmine’s followers asked why she was looking too thin, while others asked her to stop losing weight as she looked “sick”. There was one who didn’t hold back and said she looked older, while there were those who insinuated that the actress had an eating disorder.

The actress fired back with:

Hi all! Yep, I lost quite some weight recently, nothing to be concerned about. That’s what happens when you’re all around at home, at work, and at life. And I’ve been eating fairly clean lately. Been living without any househelp and siguro ‘yung katawan ko nabigla sa physical activities. Don’t worry, am working to get some mean back on! P.S. Please don’t make me feel bad for how I look!”

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