Jasmine Curtis-Smith Appeals to People Who Are Boycotting ‘Culion’ Because of Director’s Animal Cruelty Issue

Culion actress Jasmine Curtis-Smith continues to promote the film on her social media and appeal to people to watch it despite the ongoing criticism of the public towards the film’s director, Alvin Yapan, due to an unresolved “animal cruelty” issue.


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The criticism stems from Yapan’s controversial Metro Manila Film Festival 2017 movie Oro which had shown a scene wherein a dog was killed for its meat. And although it’s been two years since, Filipinos are bringing the issue back to light as Yapan’s newest film premieres in theaters.

On Jasmine’s Instagram post promoting Culion, one netizen couldn’t help but chide her and others involved in the making of the film for “supporting animal cruelty.”

In response, Jasmine said: “While I totally understand where you and everyone else posting about this is coming from please let it be known that our film’s storyline has nothing to do with that. If people are not ready to forgive the past, it’s okay (maybe one day or maybe never; it’s subjective), but let’s not hinder the beautiful story of the island, Culion, from being heard and known across our country. The power of unity, strength in hope and faith that the residents embodied during a time when all else failed – medicine and support, shows so much of our values and identity as a culture facing struggles. Let’s try [to] focus on that.”

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But some netizens weren’t convinced.

“I can’t believe [you are forcing us] to look on the brighter side of the movie while knowing 2 dogs were actually killed,” one said. “I know deep inside [you] know it’s true. I’m just so disappointed [by the] Crew especially the cast of this movie to still have the guts to advertise to watch it despite the animal cruelty done in this film just for the sake of your career being actors and actresses.”

“I know that [you] know there are ways to have this movie still perfectly executed WITHOUT the dogs being actually killed. Sadly the cast, all the crews and director [ere] not creative and talented enough to think of how this movie could’ve been Cruelty-free. I’m sorry, I have finally lost faith in humanity,” they continued.

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Others, however, came to Jasmine and the film’s defense.

“The point here is, walang kinalaman ang pelikulang Culion and its actors sa kung anuman ginawa sa nakaraan ng kung sino mang kasali sa production ng pelikula. Sana wag naman idamay yung mga inosente na gusto lang magtrabaho (The point here is Culion and its actors have nothing to do with what happened in the past in the production of the film. I hope people stop attacking those who are innocent who just want to work),” another netizen said.

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