Issa Pressman Shares Her Coming Out Story

Issa Pressman took to her Instagram account to share with friends and fans her coming out story in celebration of Metro Manila Pride last weekend.

In a post, the actress-singer dropped pictures of herself modeling a top that reads “Sweden Loves Equality” before narrating her experience revealing that she was bisexual to her family at a young age.

I would have not grown to be as expressive, honest & free if it weren’t for the people who allowed me to be. My own home & family accepted me, didn’t stop me nor judge me… so then, I felt like no one else can,” she began.


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“I’ve been blessed to experience love with both men & women. Blessed to be seeing who they are [and] how they loved me. Seeing beyond the physical. It’s the heart, personality, dreams [and] the connection that becomes the basis of my relationship.”

She said that she called her sister, Yassi, first who wholeheartedly accepted her.

“My sister was the first phone call I made. At 16, I was living alone. One night, I couldn’t sleep, I decided to come out to her. It was surprising news for her but she accepted me. If any, it was a start of us being solid,” Issa continued. “A couple of years after, I told my dad. He was honest he wasn’t for it, but said, ‘If this is what makes you happy, then be it,’ and he was there for me all the way.”

Issa then expressed that it was all thanks to her family that she is able to love and accept herself as someone in the LGBTQIA+ community. She hopes that her message will inspire others to be as welcoming as her family was to those people in their lives who want to come out.

“My point is, my character, bravery [and] honesty might have gone south if it weren’t for them,” she said. “So may I inspire each household, friend group and work environment to accept and respect a loved one who wishes to or is too scared to come out. At the end of the day, we should be on the side of happiness. We want to see the people we love glow. Let them be PROUD.”

Issa confirmed her sexuality in 2018 when she was in a relationship with her then-girlfriend.

She is currently dating James Reid.

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