Is Tom Rodriguez ready to work on an international film?


During the press conference for his new film “Maledicto,” we asked Tom Rodriguez if he would love to work on an international film. He said, “I wish, I would be so honored. I would just be so happy even if I’ll just be shadowing an international project. Just to learn the process, or just even be immersed in their production pipeline. So, even that would be a dream. I could be sweeping the floors, or just be shadowing. Even here [in the film “Maledicto”] with Director Mark [Meily.] I asked them if I can intern in their next film, even that would be a privilege for me.”

He, however, added, “Stepping up in the international field, I don’t think I’ll be ready for something of that.”

Still, he named actors Gary Oldman and Christian Bale as the stars he would love to work with or learn from one day. He explained, “Just to see how they tackle and prepare for a role, especially when they’re given a lot of weight to really go to method acting. I would just want to see the process.”

Do you think Tom’s ready to conquer the international stage?