International Noodle Dance Competition Takes Place in Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand — Yes. You read that right. Noodle Dance is a thing. HaiDiLao hosted its first international Noodle Dance Competition at Central World this 25 August 2023.

HaiDiLao is known for its delicious hotpot and fun entertainment of “noodle dancing.” If you haven’t been to this legendary Sichuan restaurant, it’s where the staff lengthens the noodles in loops and circles until they’re soft and tender—in the most entertaining way possible.

(c) HaiDiLao | Noodle Dance in HaiDiLao

(c) HaiDiLao | Noodle Dance in HaiDiLao

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It’s become such a popular attraction for customers that a competition based on it has emerged in China. Now, it has expanded internationally, and the first noodle arena will be in Bangkok, Thailand.

Held at Central World, one of the most popular malls in Bangkok, the HaiDiLao All-Stars Championship included participants from 12 countries. Participants from all over the globe displayed their mastery of the craft.

HaiDiLao is an international hotpot chain that originated in Sichuan, China. They are popular for their scrumptious soup bases such as Mala, Mala Milk, Tomato, Tom Yum, and many more. There are five branches around Bangkok: Central World, Central Plaza Grand Rama IX, Central Pinklao, Central Rama III, and Central Rama II.

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