Installation Art Faces COMELEC Building To Signify Filipinos Are Watching Over The Elections

This year’s Midterm elections seem to have heated up beyond the typical political intrigue. People have been running on emotions throughout the campaign season and tensions are likely to be high come election day on May 13.

This is why visual artist, Vincent Padilla, felt it was necessary to leave both the voting public and officials with a strong message to be reminded of.

Vincent Padilla heads 1

Padilla’s installation entitled “Romancing the Inevitable” has been situated in front of the Manila Cathedral for a couple of months now. It is self-described as initially representing “the outcome of climate change and the future landscape of low-lying cities around the world.” The installation was intended to “challenge the audience in a discourse to communicate with oneself, and to question the human behavior and its inability to change.”

Vincent Padilla heads 4

However, its form and function have been slightly altered to become especially relevant for today’s elections. On one level, Padilla sought to convey the idea that the Filipinos are keeping a close eye on the day’s proceedings. He was inspired to face all 12 of the heads towards the Commission on Elections building, with permission from the COMELEC themselves. Through this, he signified that “Filipinos are watching over them during election day.”

Vincent Padilla heads 3

The heads being turned to face the COMELEC building 

Vincent Padilla heads 2

The heads newly reoriented to ‘watch over’ the Philippine midterm elections 

On the second level, Padilla also hoped to impart some sentiment to the voting public. That they may remain vigilant on election day and on the look-out for things which may threaten the credibility of the votes was one aim of Padilla. The other was for Filipinos to remember “to choose wisely as the future of the Philippines rest in their hands.”

Vincent Padilla heads 5

(Today’s Google Doodle Represents The Philippine 2019 Midterm Elections)

What do you think about this art installation? 

All photos are courtesy of Vincent Padilla