INSPIRING: Meet the LET Topnotcher Who Didn’t Let Poverty Hinder Her Success

Video from ABS-CBN News Youtube Page 

Iah Seraspi trended on social media because of her touching story. She is living proof that if you combine determination with hard work, you can succeed in your endeavours. Despite her living conditions and struggles in life due to poverty, she placed second at the Licensure Exam for Teachers with an average score of 90.00% with over 81,000 test takers in 2015.

Iah grew up in Romblon where she lived in a simple hut with her family of 6.

Her father was a fisherman who did not have any stable income, but was the sole provider for the whole family. Her mother was unemployed. All her life, she did not experience having electricity in her house. They ate rice porridge with salt to get through the day.

Entering their house through a door recycled from an old refrigerator, you will see gold hanging everywhere: medals from her accomplishments from the very start of her education.

She graduated as salutatorian, valedictorian and cum laude from elementary to college.

Her father emotionally recalls when other people would make fun of their situation, but he proudly says that they live life with integrity. They don’t steal nor succeed through other people’s expenses.

Iah will start teaching in the State University of Romblon this incoming school year and her family could not be prouder.

Congratulations, Ms. Iah Seraspi – you are an inspiration!

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