INSPIRING: Farmer’s Son Receives Scholarship to Go to Harvard

This is amazing!

farmer son harvard

Photo from: ISM website

Romnick Blanco, a son of a farmer in the Sierra Madre in Bulacan, received a huge scholarship to go to Harvard in Massachusetts. He is under the International School Manila’s Philippine Scholarship Program.

Blanco, who is seventh among the nine children, used to walk every day to attend a public school. On Saturdays, he walked two hours each way to study English at the GreenEarth Heritage Foundation’s Learning Center.

According to ISM’s website, in one occasion, he almost drowned while crossing a river during the rainy season. The leaders at the GreenEarth Heritage Foundation encouraged Romnick to apply for ISM’s Philippine Scholarship Program. After five years of studying at ISM, he is now on his way to Harvard.

Romnick’s father wishes, “I want the best for my son, but what is important is that he stays humble.”

Another ISM graduate, Jessica Cuadro, received a scholarship to go to Columbia University in New York. Jessica’s mom said, “ISM taught our daughter to dream bigger dreams still; it gave her a chance to make friends with students who from totally different backgrounds and enabled her to look at the world with an open mind.

Congratulations! Big things ahead!