The INSPI Vintage Collection Brings Back the 80s and 90s Culture

INSPI Philippines has been known for its cool, affordable, and trendy shirts. One of our favorite collections of theirs, though is their Vintage Collection.

What is the INSPI Vintage Collection?

The INSPI Vintage Collection was launched through their ambassadors Dior Veneracion, Vanessa Alvarez, Micaella Alkobi Flores, Chierald Tan, and Jayzie Bonifacio at a roller rink, which was followed by the stunning performances of local artists Young Weezy, Wing, Mitch Raymundo, Gat Putch, King Murph, and our very own I-Bear. Ex-PBB housemate Apey Obera also heated up the stage along with P-pop Generation member, Sofia Loreen, and son of the Sexbomb dancer Izzy, Andrei Trazona.

Photo from INSPI

The theme of the event was to bring back the 80s and 90s culture at a roller skates’ disco because it’s a remarkable throwback trend. A night of fashion, great music, and good company; INSPI’s tagline “Wear to Inspire” is undeniably in their spirit.

Shop the INSPI Vintage Collection and more here.

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