IDIM: Taiwan’s Premium DIY Bakery Is Now in Manila!

Attention to aspiring bakers, and sweet tooth fanatics, there’s a new must-try experience in town! If you’ve ever had the dream of becoming a world-famous chef or just creating magnificent cakes like the ones in your favorite cooking shows, this is the time to make your dreams come true.

IDIM DIY Bakery is Taiwan’s premium DIY bakery—and now, they’re finally in Manila!

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IDIM is a concept baking studio that provides anyone with the space, equipment, and ingredients needed to create their choice of cake or pastries. “IDIM” actually stands for “I did it myself”—which is exactly what you’ll be declaring after a few hours at IDIM DIY Bakery.

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The beautiful DIY bakery of IDIM is so spacious. They’ve got massive work tables where you can prepare and bake your choice of cake (the tables even have power plugs in case you want to record the whole process on your device). Of course, every corner of the baking studio is Instagrammable, too.

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Once you arrive at IDIM, you’ll be asked to choose what kind of cake (or pastry) you’d want to bake. There’s a wide variety of cakes and treats you can DIY—from beginner-friendly cakes to advanced cookies and pies. It was actually so hard to choose a cake because they all looked amazing and I wanted to try each one!

After choosing your cake, you’ll be given a tablet that contains all the instructions for baking your choice of cake. The instructions are very straightforward and easy to follow, plus there are video demonstrations included in case you get confused. I actually loved how the tablet and the guides made baking so much easier.

Once you’ve got your tablet, finished washing your hands, and worn your apron, the whole baking studio is your playground!

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IDIM already has all the tools, equipment, and ingredients that you need for whatever cake you chose to create. All you have to do is measure ingredients, mix (according to instructions), bake, and decorate.

They also take pride in partnering with some of the world-renown brands that bakers love. You can be sure that you’re only working with the best premium ingredients.

The friendly and accommodating staff are also ready to assist bakers whenever it gets too overwhelming. I was amazed watching them demonstrate how to correctly decorate my cake.

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Aside from the complete baking studio and IG-worthy spaces, IDIM’s do-it-yourself milk tea bar is also worth a try. Here, you can be a barista for a day and create your own milk tea. You can even print your choice of picture on the cheese foam of your drink!

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IDIM offers such a great experience for anyone who loves sweet treats. Whether you’re an experienced baker or you’ve never tried baking at all, you’ll definitely enjoy the experience here at IDIM DIY Bakery.

For as low as PHP 500, you can already enjoy a fun and unforgettable baking experience at IDIM DIY Bakery—plus you get to take home your creation, too.

IDIM DIY Bakery officially opens to the public on June 18 in SM Megamall! Follow their social media accounts for updates on how to get a slot and maybe even win free bakery passes.


4/F Mega Atrium, SM Megamall

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