I Asked NASA Astronaut Barry Wilmore About Global Warming

The effects of global warming or climate change in the environment and to human beings are becoming a worldwide predicament. In an article written by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), they mentioned that the results from global climate change are occurring such as “loss of ice, accelerated sea level and longer, more intense heat waves,” and more.

Iceberg splits from Larsen C ice Shelf in Antarctica, CNN

In the Philippines, our seasons have drastically changed. Although we only have two seasons – wet and dry – you can feel and see the changes.

For example, the weather here in Tagaytay isn’t the same as last year: it’s hotter during daytime.  In addition, a 6.2 magnitude earthquake hit Batangas and was felt in Metro Manila too.

You see, all these crazy events aren’t happening just for the sake: they are the results of our irresponsible acts to “Mother Nature.”

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On Thursday, August 10th,  WhenInManila.com had the opportunity to meet and greet some of the precious people of History Channel.

Histo Con-17

I had the opportunity to meet Adam Liaw of Destination Flavour, Jamie Dempsey of Ride and Seek, Justin Mott of Photo Face-Off, and more!

(Look out for my article about them soon).

barry wilmore

NASA selected him as a pilot in July 2000.

Meantime, I’d like to share with you, my short yet meaningful interview with astronaut Barry “Butch” Wilmore.

Barry Wilmore is a NASA Astronaut and US Navy pilot. According to him, he already had two (2) spaceflights and a total of 178 days in space.

During the opening ceremonies of History Con 2017, he shared his excitement in meeting more fans in the Philippines. The host, Paolo Bediones, wittingly asked him about his thoughts every time he passes by the Philippines “up there.” In which, Barry jokingly said: “Every time I pass by to take a picture of the Philippines, it’s cloudy.” Day 2, it’s cloudy. Day 143, cloudy.”

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I was hesitant to ask him, but I thought, the only bad question is the question you didn’t ask. So, with so much confidence, I approached one of the organizers and asked for permission and they happily said, “sure, no problem!”

So, I asked: “What are your thoughts about global warming (global climate change)? Do we really need to prepare for the worst?

And here’s what he said:

“Global warming is happening. We really need to help each other. Stewardship is the key. We gotta do something, we need to act fast. When I looked at Africa, Madagascar there’s a lot of red areas. Also, the deforestation is massive. And if this continues, then we have to live with the consequences.“

His explanation left me speechless. All I just said was: “Wow, that’s pretty disappointing to see.”

He said, “it’s really disappointing.”

“Even the earthquakes, we’ve been experiencing lately”? I asked. And sadly, it’s just one of the consequences.

It looks like we are not taking this issue seriously. Furthermore, the repercussions of our acts would be a tremendous issue now and to future generations. I agree with him, stewardship is vital.

History Con 2017 Barry Wilmore

Until now, I am amazed, puzzled, and wished for more time talking with him. Essentially, my meeting him personally is what I consider “a once in a lifetime” opportunity.

Because, come on, when do you ever get to speak to an Astronaut?! Only at History Con, guys!

Thank you, History Con and Sir Barry for your time explaining and taking us to school about Global Warming or Climate Change.

So, if you were to ask an astronaut one question, what would it be and why? Share your answers in the comment section below.


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