‘Hunger Games’ And ‘Twilight’ Are About To Get Their Own Theme Parks in Asia

Don’t try to deny it, you know your inner teen/tween is squealing right now. What more could we have asked for at the height of these fandoms than an amusement park (at least partly) dedicated to it? We may not be as into these franchises anymore, but the prospect of new theme parks to visit is still pretty exciting.

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Lionsgate actually already opened its first Hunger Games-themed park in Dubai last October 2017, but they’ll be more accessible in Asian locations very soon. China’s Lionsgate Entertainment World will be a vertical theme park. This means it will be mostly indoors and built upwards. Its rides will be a little different since it obviously won’t be able to accommodate things like rollercoasters and ferris wheels. Instead, there will be more than 25 virtual reality (VR) activities.

lionsgate theme park china

Image from Lionsgate

Some examples are a Twilight themed VR motorcycle ride and a prison breakout set in a maximum security facility based on Escape Plan. An area for shopping and ‘mall’ activities will also be modeled after Hunger Games‘ Capitol Lobby to recreate the experience.

Other rides and activities are directly inspired by Lionsgate properties like Divergent, Now You See Me and Gods of Egypt. It is scheduled to open by July in Hengqin Island located in Zhuhai, China.

lionsgate theme park korea

Image from Lionsgate

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Lionsgate will also be opening Lionsgate Movie World in Jeju Island, Korea. Unlike China and Dubai’s theme parks, this one will be a more traditional outdoor amusement park. Details on specific rides and attractions have not been released as of yet, but we do know that there will be 6 different ‘immersive zones’ based on its franchises. These will The World of the Hunger GamesThe Twilight SagaSawCabin in the WoodsDivergent, and Now You See Me.

What ride do you want to see in these theme parks?