Huawei Photography 101: Your Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Photography

Take the best travel photos with the new HUAWEI P10 and P10 PLUS!

High-quality photos bring you into that moment. When you encounter a magical place, do not rush to press the shutter. Read this meticulously prepared guide first, and get ready to wow your friends with amazing, professional-looking shots captured with the Leica dual camera of the HUAWEI P10 and P10 PLUS.

Part 1. Scenery and Buildings


A well-composed structure makes your photo more attractive.

But it’s quite challenging to master all the composition rules in a short time.

The HUAWEI P10 Series makes this so much easier to master by just following simple steps:

  1. On the camera page, slide to the left to enter settings, and choose [Assistive gird].
  2. Select the composition style you want.

Huawei P10

Huawei P10

QUICK TIP: You can choose symmetry that delivers a balanced and harmonious presentation.

You can turn on the reference lines to make sure your frame is straight horizontally and vertically so that the presentation is full of tension.


Photographer: Long Tong


Photographer: Long Tong

Night shot

After sunset, night falls with intoxicating and mysterious beauty.

Dream along when the night is young.

Capture this magical moment and use [Night shot] to record the fullest charm of the nightscape:

  1. On the camera page, slide to the left to enter settings – [Night shot].
  2. Set ISO and shutter speed into AUTO, and the exposure time will be automatically adjusted.
  3. Use a tripod, and press the shutter button, and you will get a stack night view photo.

huawei night shot

QUICK TIP: Use [Night shot] to get a high quality, clear nightscape photo with less noise. The light and its reflection on water appear so much more colorful in this camera.


Photographer: Alexan DENG


Photographer: Alexan DENG

Part 2. Portrait mode

Leica Colors & Facial Retouching and Bokeh

The meaning of a trip is to record the most precious moments.

The portrait mode of HUAWEI P10 Series makes every shot of you the most beautiful focus. To achieve this, simply

  1. Activate [Portrait Mode]
  2. Activate [Art Effects]
  3. Adjust [Skin Retouching Level]


Hp10 portrait


Hp10 portrait2

Part 3. Selfies

Facial Retouching and Bokeh

When you are traveling by yourself, you can also take selfies with the beautiful sceneries on the road and record your journey to share with loved ones.
The HUAWEI P10 Series, with Leica front camera, takes perfect and attractive selfies.

  1. Activate [Portrait Mode]
  2. Activate [Art Effects]
  3. Adjust [Skin Retouching Level]


Hp10 selfies

Hp10 selfie

Part 4. Still Objects

Bokeh & Zoom

The large aperture and 2X Dual-lens Hybrid Zoom of HUAWEI P10 create rich layers in the photos as well as clear presentation even with zoom, perfect for capturing picturesque flowers and other beauties of nature.

  1. Click on [Large Aperture Mode] on the camera page.
  2. Use two fingers and spread to adjust zoom.

Huawei P10 zoom

QUICK TIP: The delicate flower with dew drops, shot with bokeh effect, looks more lively and vibrant with the green background.


Huawei stills

While having a good guide is nice, practice will make your photos perfect.

Creating impeccable photos are a must now. Not just for digital purposes but for preserving great memories.
Capture life’s most beautiful moments with your own HUAWEI P10 and P10 PLUS, available at Php 28,990 and Php 36,990, respectively via Huawei Experience Stores and resellers nationwide.

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