HTC One, The Hottest Android Phone In Manila



When In Manila, be sure to stay tuned to us for the latest in tech. Do you know what is the latest Android phone in the market? It’s HTC One! Now available in the Philippines since April 13, it is an innovation which combines the best in smartphone, photography and audio. In the age of mobile, people not only look for the newest in smartphone technology that can help them with work even when off the keyboard but an inbuilt camera that can take DSLR-quality photos to post online especially that Instagram is available on Android and an audio that can produce great sound for music.



Slim and white HTC One X on display at Digital Walker



So what is different with HTC One X? Tech-wise, HTC One is the most advanced Android phone in the market sporting a Android Ice Cream Sandwich as its OS. Imagine, they actually used an Android kernel normally used for tabs in an Android phone! Not only that, the phone is not only quad-core but also has a fifth core which enables the phone to last for 350 hours on standby mode which is good for those who are on the go and cannot charge their phones often. Why is the phone white? The phone is made of polycarbonate which is naturally white. Polycarbonate is made of materials also used for kevlar so this means the phone is shock proof and even bullet proof! In fact, the organizers keep on throwing and dropping a fully functioning demo phone which barely showed an scratches or effects in its function, the only thing lacking is a demo of it being shot.



HTC One’s more economical version, HTC One V



Meanwhile, the more economical HTC One V also boasts of exactly the same features, except for the Android kernel and the polycarbonate body. Both phones are armed with a powerful camera which boast a Master of Light DSLR-Feature. In fact, it can take shots at 4 frames per second with a shooting speed of 0.7 seconds and a gap of 0.2 seconds. It can even shoot 99 continuous shots still at 4fps. You can take hours of videos using the phone, and not only that, you can even take snapshots with it while recording the video, at the same quality as that when you are just merely taking photos. This is best for high-action shots where a crucial shot may only come in seconds. With this Cam Freeze Frame function, you will be able to capture life’s most important moments. Unlike other camera phone flashes, the smart flash does not “burn” the images and takes on full details of the image. By this, HTC One claims to be by far the best HDR in its class of camera phones.



Digital Walker staff explaining the features of HTC One X



How about the audio? HTC One features an inbuilt Beats Audio which gives studio-quality sound. Beats Audio has been known for its high quality headphones which has less ground noise, fan noise and interference. This assures you that you will have a great experience listening to music either at home and much more while driving home. The default HTC Music Center is integrated with Beats Audio to sync with various online media and music players, including videos as well. If you purchase Cloud Storage, you will be given a Dropbox space for two years where you can save 25gB worth of music and videos.



Other Android Phones in the selection of the HTC Family



People from the HTC Philippines and Digital Walker were good enough to let us try the demo phones during the event in Eastwood. In my times as tech writer, I have never seen such excellent phone functions, aside from that second and third most popular Korean phone brands. How much are these HTC One phones then? HTC One X costs only PhP34,000 for its extensive features while the more economical HTC One V only costs half the price, available in all Digital Walker branches.



HTC Event Host Nathan J from Wave 89.1




Nathan J’s Apple of the Eye, este, When In Manila Co-Writer Frankie



When In Manila, and want to go Android, check out HTC One X and HTC One V for you would surely be mesmerized by the amazing features of the HTC One line of phones. Be sure to share us your experience as well.



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HTC One, The Hottest Android Phone in the Market


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