How to Pull off a Virtual Halloween Event: Penbrothers’ Way

Who said virtual parties can’t be fun? 

Last October 28, 2020, Penbrothers brought their scariest and fun event indoors by hosting their first virtual Halloween party called “Hawkins’ Halloween.” Everybody got in the spirit of Halloween and dressed up in their most creative and scariest costumes with the matching virtual background in Zoom. Some got creative and resourceful that they cut out holes in their bed sheets or printed some parts of their costume! 


The highlight of the party were the breakout rooms! This was where different games with hidden tricks were waiting for the participants of each breakout room. With games ranging from Among us,, puzzles and even escape rooms, it certainly left the participants wanting more. Other than games, this Halloween party was not like any other event, especially now they held it online. Penbrothers hyped it up by adding a Tarot card reading segment for one breakout room which was the most visited room of the party! Everybody’s curiosity door was unlocked and began searching for some answers that could be either a trick or a treat for them in the coming days. 


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Since Hawkins’ Halloween was an epic party, some of the participants were lucky enough to bring home some awesome treats sponsored by Candy Corner, LalaFood, your usuals, Three Guys and a Grill, Formosa Bakeshop and Pensée Gifting Studio. Special thanks to our media partner 


In addition to the sponsors, the virtual event would not be possible if it weren’t for the awesome organizing committee. Let’s take a look behind the screen on how they were able to pull off the spookiest virtual event here in Penbrothers. 


Strategically planning ahead is the key to making any project successful. Every aspect of the event has to be in sync with one another. Of course, events cannot be executed by just one person, so it is also important that the team behind it is in sync as well. Collaboration is very important in any team structure, and it is by working together and hearing each other out that we were able to make the event as great as it can be with 2 weeks of preparations. Other than the team, it is also important to think of the people who are invited to the event to make sure that it is something they really want to attend and will surely enjoy.” 

Eriele Rubiales, Event Organizer and Community Engagement Intern 


“I believe communication was the key as to why the event was successful, everyone in the organizing committee was coordinating with each other and was helping one another with the tasks needed. Also, everyone was not afraid to give out suggestions and feedback which is important when creating an event in just a few weeks.” 

–  Shania Serrano, Community Engagement Intern


Communicating with the team and strengthening the collaborative teamwork really made the event successful. Despite the event being online, certain expectations were met with few areas to improve on. Nevertheless, because of the team’s willingness, great work ethic, and with the mindset of wanting the virtual event to be beyond one’s expectations, the event turned out successful and something one can remember.” 

– Chloe Galindo, Graphic Design Intern 


It’s really important to have the bigger picture in mind from the start, and to conceptualize goals until the event itself, which should then dictate the direction of the needed work to-do. In partnership development, it’s important to expand options, utilize social media and contact just about any relevant company to make the virtual event more enticing for the participants. It’s also important to put yourself in the point of view of the sponsors and participants to know that we’re all giving them an event and deal worthy of their time.


I personally believe that the team’s consistency, great work ethic and collaborative work environment made the Halloween event very successful! Each department of the team is like a piece of a puzzle that gives out the whole picture of Hawkin’s Halloween. It was also definitely the passionate motivation of the team to drive and work towards the success of the event itself from ideation to actualization.”

– Angelica Gonzaga, Partnership Development Intern


“The event was handled really well from the start. Thorough planning and being active on social media about the event keeps the participants/community aware and excited of the event really helps boost the number of participants coming. Alongside that the input of one another or suggestions really helped better the program flow and the event all in all. ”

 – Lia San Miguel, Social Media & Content Intern 


With my years of organizing events, doing a virtual event is honestly more challenging. We don’t know what was going to happen since we’ve never done this virtually, but in the end, we pulled it off! 


In Penbrothers, we strive for being solutions driven, so we made a way for this event to happen. Not only we made it happen, we made it unforgettable for our community — that’s the #PBExperience” 

– Tiarra De Soto, Community & Marketing Head 


As mentioned above, throwing a virtual event is challenging, but the key to pulling off an event like Hawkins’ Halloween is through thorough planning, communication and collaboration with the whole team. With those tips in mind, you will succeed in hosting your event the Penbrothers’ way. 


Overall, Penbrothers created a virtual event wherein everybody would interact with one another just like a face-to-face event! This just shows that from the proper planning and execution, this event will be the start of other fun and entertaining virtual events here in Penbrothers and we can’t get enough of it! 


Hawkins’ Halloween was definitely one for the spooks (books).  


But, not only do Penbrothers hold fun and interactive events like these, they also hold virtual seminars in tech or business! If you wish to attend one of the seminars here in Penbrothers, follow them in their social media platforms to keep updated in future events!








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