Hospital and Healthcare Industry Conference and Suppliers’ Exhibitions

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Hospitals profitability depends on the efficiency of procurement and supply management excellence. The healthcare industry is in the midst of unprecedented change: volatile, unsteady, and unpredictable. One of the most daunting challenges today’s supply chain leaders face is evolving their processes to meet the demands of a changing business model.

Procurement and Supply Institute of Asia (PASIA) brings together key decision-makers, executives and industry experts in the hospital procurement and supply chain for an educational and innovative conference.  This event will provide you with an unparalleled opportunity to learn and explore the latest in procurement and supply chain management trends and solutions.

It will also give opportunities for suppliers’ exhibition and how would they find beneficial solutions for achieving cost savings in indispensable Supply Chain functions.




Improve business’ profitability. Deliver growth for your bottom line, and how to plan and manage change. Both profitability and growth are important and necessary for a company to survive and remain attractive to investors.



Provide process efficiency and be more competitive. By considering potential risks or events before they happen and having a risk management plan in place, you can save money and protect your organization’s future.



Create new opportunities. Learn the best practices and how to adopt new technologies and latest trends. The purpose of the organization is to create and deliver value in an efficient enough way that it will generate profit after cost.


Bring your supply chain and value chain team! This event is also open to suppliers who want to showcase their products. See you in the event!