Hipnayan 2020: Engage, Solve, and Pioneer

Adamson University’s premiere physics organization to conduct its flagship event HIPNAYAN 2020: ENGAGE, SOLVE, AND PIONEER to celebrate the physics culture in the university in a showdown of intelligence and scientific proficiency, which will be joined by multiple universities around the nation’s capital and the nearby provinces, specifically regions III and IV-A.

Hipnayan Pubmat

The Physics Society of Adamson University (PSAU), in coordination with the Adamson University Mathematics and Physics Department, will be conducting its organizational-related activity on February 18, 2020 at Adamson University. The said event will consist of a diversity of sub-events and competitions that will serve as a platform to promote the Physics Culture and the Vincentian Education that Adamson University instigates, which will cater to all Secondary and Tertiary representative students of selected public and private educational institutions all throughout Metro Manila, National Capital Region (NCR), and from nearby provinces. The aforementioned event will include Panspermia, which is a seminar event that will discuss the different breakthroughs of Filipino scientists in the field of Physics; Magnetar, which is an inter-school college level physics quiz bee; Pulsar, which is an inter-school Senior High School level physics quiz bee, joined by students coming from the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Strand, and finally, the Planetesimal sub-event, which is an infographics-making competition.

The organizational-related event entitled, HIPNAYAN 2020 intends to celebrate the continuous spread of the culture of Physics and to promote awareness and appreciation to the significant breakthroughs and endeavors of Filipino scientists in the said field.

Showcasing how the proficiency in the understanding and applications of Physics have taken a steady incline in our current society, and how it is now being utilized in different fields to contribute in solving different problems, are intended to be the main highlights of the event. HIPNAYAN 2020 in general, aims to provide a platform for students to enhance their understanding on how Physics serves as an aide that guides every pioneer’s steps toward innovation and solving problems, and as well as to allow the participants to engage in activities geared to hone their academic aptitude in Physics and to showcase their brilliance in applying Physics to solve scientific issues.