Hidden Camera Reportedly Found in ATM Gets Reactions Online

A hidden camera reportedly found in an ATM in BGC sparked discussions online. On a private Facebook group of BGC residents, a concerned netizen, Jesus Madlangbayan III, shared a video of the ATM. The camera was seen on the machine’s upper part, facing down the keypad.

“Beware of the BPI ATM by the Marketplace in Central Square. I was about to withdraw money when I noticed there’s a camera hidden facing the number pad. If anyone here works in BPI, please check ATM with TID 6722,” he captioned.

Madlangbayan III said he was about to withdraw from the ATM on August 15, around 7 to 8 p.m., when he noticed the camera. He also mentioned that he warned the people next in line, urging them to withdraw from the ATM next to BPI.

To warn the residents who might withdraw from that ATM, he decided to take a video and post it on the Facebook group, which gained different reactions and opinions online.

BPI ATM camera 1

BPI ATM camera 2

BPI ATM camera 3

On August 23, another member of the same Facebook group also posted a video of a BPI ATM at Burgos Circle’s parking entrance in BGC, where a camera was positioned facing down the machine’s keypad.

“Notified the PNP, BPI, and Megaworld already since I noticed it after withdrawing,” he wrote.

In the comments section, netizens exchanged discussions regarding the positioning of the camera.

BPI ATM camera 6

BPI ATM camera 5

BPI ATM camera 4

According to Madlangbayan III, one of the group members who works at BPI escalated the matter to the bank upon seeing his post.

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However, it can’t be verified yet whether it is a camera for a scheme or an actual camera installed by the bank. WhenInManila.com has already reached out to BPI and is still awaiting their response as of writing.

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