Here’s How To Throw A Wonder Woman Party According To Oprah

Wonder Woman is an epic and ~wonderful~ movie, and everybody knows it–even Oprah Winfrey herself.

For a film that practically oozes women empowerment, it’s really not a surprise that a strong woman like Oprah would celebrate its success.

In a series of videos she posted on Instagram, the Hollywood celebrity excitedly talks about the Wonder Woman party she was throwing for 28 ten-year-old kids. Even just by looking at her party-prep videos, it already looks amazing!

Here’s how to throw an amazing Wonder Woman themed party according to Oprah herself:


Have a Wonder Woman cake with an actual figurine of the superhero herself right on top of it because what’s a party without some cake amirite??


The TV personality also had Wonder Woman popcorn buckets because what’s a movie party without some popcorn? She also gushed about the Wonder Woman cuffs that had just arrived.

Popcorn and costumes will make any party a whole lot better.

It’s a no-brainer.


Oprah also made sure that her young guests would feel comfy with Wonder Woman flip flops. Always make sure that your guests are as comfortable as possible!


For the food, she had chefs preparing salad “for the parents”, along with “beautiful burgers and beautiful hotdogs”. Basically, just feed those people and feed them with beautiful food.

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Judging from all those behind-the-scene footage, it already looks like that Wonder Woman party is going to be awesome. Besides, no one knows how to throw a party than Queen Oprah herself!

Will you be throwing your own Wonder Woman party? Do you have other party ideas? Share it with us!