Here Are The News We Googled in 2016

2016 has been shaken by several local and world events, and it can be daunting to keep up with the current issues.
While the Philippines has had a field day with news that shaped this year, nothing else was a landmark event other than the 2016 presidential elections in May, which topped the news search this year. Also remarkable were the US elections, which saw a neck-and-neck battle between incumbent US Defense Secretary Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
Here are the other news that we looked up the most in 2016.
10. Japan Earthquake
9. Panama Papers
8. Vice Presidential Debate
7. Orlando shooting
6. Typhoon Lawin
5. Davao bombing
4. Supermoon
3. Harambe
2. Brexit
What other issues were you affected by? Let us know!

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