Healthy Gift Ideas for Every Type of Person in Your Christmas List

The season of gift-giving is upon us, and with that, it’s time for Christmas shopping! Let’s face it though, not all of us are experts in choosing gifts for our loved ones. It can be a challenging task, and often times time-consuming too, looking for that perfectly unique gift you know they’ll truly appreciate.

This year, why not choose healthy gift options for the different types of people on your holiday gift list? Whether they’re friends, family, or colleagues, the people that surround us are usually a rainbow of varying personalities. They’re what make our life so colorful! But in this joyous season, don’t you just want to be able to express your gratitude through perfect presents that not only reflect who they are but also contribute to their wellness and health?

And so, to help you get started on your Christmas gift shopping, here are healthy gift ideas for every type of person on your Christmas list!

For the kikay

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We all have that one friend. She (or he) is the one to turn to when you have a question about skin care, because that’s her thing. This person is a joy to be with because she glows not just from outside but inside, too!

Healthy Options Healthy Gift Ideas for Every Type of Person in Your Christmas List

What we recommend: All-natural personal care products like organic skin care and hair care to help her stay naturally beautiful and also feel their best this holiday and always.

For the health conscious

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This person values health above all, because he knows that a healthy body is a happy one. He’s mindful of everything he consumes, and constantly reminds you to do so, too. So why not give him the gift of health this Christmas through healthy treats you know he’ll love?

Healthy Options Healthy Gift Ideas for Every Type of Person in Your Christmas List

What we recommend: Healthy snacks like cranberries, almond cookie thins, organic soymilk, sunflower seeds, and more low-sugar and low-sodium snacks anyone can indulge on without feeling the guilt afterward.

For the one with the sophisticated taste

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She’s the tita of the group, resident amiga, the one who prefers wine over beer. She’s funny and cool as hell, but most of all, she loves to host house parties! And her parties are AWESOME. She goes all out with her handa for her best friends. Pasta and wine night, anyone?

Healthy Options Healthy Gift Ideas for Every Type of Person in Your Christmas List

What we recommend: Something as sparkly as her, of course! She’ll love gourmet food selections for a scrumptious holiday feast, for sure. Try organic pasta sauces, sparkling juices, sea salt crackers, or organic wines!

For the low-key friend

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He’s super chill, low-key, loves to eat, but can’t cook anything. He’s tried, but after that dessert he made that somehow came out too salty, his friends never let him prepare food on hang-out nights again. You all love him, but that one time was enough. (Laughing? Maybe he’s you.)

Healthy Options Healthy Gift Ideas for Every Type of Person in Your Christmas List

What we recommend: Make the holiday super easy for this friend with healthy ready-to-eat treats and easy-to-prepare ingredients. He can’t mess this up!

For the lady traveler

Always on the go, she lives out of suitcases and backpacks. She’s a certified jet-setter. Her skin often takes a hit though because of the varying climates of the places she visit, so this Christmas, why not give her some skin products that will help her keep a natural and healthy glow no matter where she may be in the world?

Healthy Options Healthy Gift Ideas for Every Type of Person in Your Christmas List

What we recommend: Travel-sized products for every on-the-go girl’s nightly regimen—moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, soothing body lotion, hair masks, and the likes.

For the nature lover

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The one who thrives most outdoors, the child of the mountains, the ocean, or the moon. The nature-loving friend is usually the environmentalist, too. He cares for the well-being of nature, because he feels one with it.

Healthy Options Healthy Gift Ideas for Every Type of Person in Your Christmas List

What we recommend: Let him know you support his causes by giving him gifts that are organic, environmentally sustainable, and cruelty-free.

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