Harry Potter’s Acceptance Letter in Hogwarts to Be Sold at Auction

Harry Potter Letter Auction


It’s not every day that a school acceptance letter is put up for auction, but there aren’t many people like Harry Potter in the world and there aren’t that many schools like Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It was recently announced that the letter the young wizard received in The Sorcerer’s Stone film will be put up for auction.

According to the Prop Store, the memorabilia company that will auction the letter, the letter is estimated to sell between $2,930-$6,550 (roughly P146,500-P327,500).

Prop Store will also auction the Howler that Ron Weasley received in The Chamber of Secrets film. A Howler is a magical letter with an enchantment where the message is verbally said in the author’s voice. It is estimated to sell for the same price as the Hogwarts acceptance letter.

The two props will be part of an auction selling off movie memorabilia in London. Fans can register on Prop Store’s website to join the auction on September 26. The company will also stream the auction live so fans can keep track of the event in real time.


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