Happy Hour Every Friday? (Netizens Share What They Love About Their Office) + GIVEAWAY ALERT

It’s hard to determine what people really think of their employers, unless you’re a good friend or drinks are involved. Many people say non-committal things like, “okay lang” or “pwede na” when asked to describe their workplace, which makes it difficult for family or friends who might also want to apply.

Word of mouth is an important aspect when applying. Apart from what we see in job postings, we want to know what really happens inside companies, the ones that are not advertised. And what we want to hear are the cool stuff: the gigs that happen after hours, the benefits and the free stuff we get as employees.

We asked our readers the coolest thing about their office, and here’s what we found out:

1. Swinging thinking chair




“Unli coffee and we have a swing inside our production floor,” Linda, Sitel

2. Party every day? Yes, please!



“We can play loud music. And the client encourages it. I’ve never been absent for eight months. That’s how cool the working environment is,” Ato, Concentrix

3. Work and play combined




“The Google Lab has a PS4, foosball table, and a dartboard,” Jay, Google

4. Great motivation




“Unli softdrinks (all Coke products). Unli juice, Eight ‘o Clock (all flavors), unli Power Ade, unli coffee, hot choco, and cappuccino. Free near-expiry sodas! Take note, NEAR expiry. Motivates me in so many ways!,” Mhak, Coca-Cola Femsa

5. Hire me. SRSLY.




“We usually have a ‘Happy Hour’ every Friday, which has acoustic night and poetry night, pet day, pool tournament, DOTA 2 tournament, pingpong tournament, and other events that benefit employees here,” Ron, TaskUs

6. La-Z-Boys are not for the lazy




“Fruity Monday (free fruit every Monday), and there’s a Serenity Room in which you can have a massage in the massage chair. There are also La-Z-Boys to have some rest. Another is in our restroom, one cubicle is allotted for showers,” Shayne, Bayer Business Services Philippines

7. Is there a movie room, too?




“We have a legit popcorn maker!,” Renzie, Grupo Agatep

8. Now, where’s my basket?




“Monthly buffet, billiards table, sleeping lounge, unli coffee and juice, free bread with different spreads, fridge with free milks. Mini grocery where items are subsidized/discounted. You can get fruits, cookies, or noodles delivered to your cube,” Riz, Globe Telecom

9. Let your voices be heard




“There’s fairness and an open-door policy. Everyone is expected to be assertive. We also call everyone on a first name basis,” Mariel, Baker & McKenzie Global Services Manila

10. On a diet? No problem




“Cool pantry. We have these vending machines with all types of refreshments like soda, juices, brewed coffee, yogurt, and chocolate drinks. We also have jars with infused water in them. They come in cucumber, lemon and orange,” Ai, JP Morgan Chase and Co.

11. But then, screw diet




“We have free buffet every day. We also have snacks. Our uniforms are washed and ready for us to use. And we have discounts to all our establishments like hotels, restaurants, and their stores,” Nova, City of Dreams Manila


12. Love wins. Always




“Shell values diversity and inclusion in the company and this was evident when it celebrated International Day of Coming Out last month with Cong. Geraldine Roman as guest speaker in its main event with TEAM,” Mike, Shell Business Operations – Manila

13. I want to be the very best, like no one ever was




“The nature of my job is challenging, but it trains me to become a better PR professional. I am also surrounded by a supportive team who makes sure that I get everything I need to grow in my role. At the same time, we are encouraged to attend seminars, talks, and trainings so we can learn from industry professionals,” Janessa, TeamAsia

JobStreet, the Philippines’ number one jobs hiring and career site, recently launched its company reviews feature, which allows applicants to get to know the company before they even apply. The best part is that the reviews are done anonymously by employees, which means it’s much more honest than what representatives will tell you.

The company reviews are available for free by JobStreet users. Non-users can sign up for an account on www.jobstreet.com.ph to read the reviews and have access to thousands of job openings in the Philippines.

Note: the pictures used are not from the company, and this article does not promote any of the companies mentioned here.



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