Halo Halo Musicale Year 8: Vintage

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It’s summer once again and a musical season for Grand Music Palace Philippines Co. We will have our annual summer program and concert entitled “Halo Halo Musicale Year 8” with the theme “Vintage” on June 13, 2015 at Robinsons Forum (Pioneer) from 2-7pm.

Yearly, we hold a summer program which includes activities and productions that involves singing, dancing and instrument playing. This year’s theme will be “Vintage”, which will showcase music from the 20’s to the 60’s and also some of the popular artists in that era.

The summer program will also be a reunion of our past and present students. Some of our students are already part of the showbiz industry and some of them will also perform in this event. Our students are from different schools and universities in Metro Manila. Some are already professionals in their own respected fields but would like to have a taste of music in their lives through our event.

This summer program will also be fun-filled and exciting like our past ones, because here in Grand Music Palace, we don’t just perform to bring joy to people, but we aim to reach out to everyone, in all walks of life to share and celebrate the wonderful gift of music.