Greeka Kouzina: Serving Up A Fresh Taste Of Greece

Greeka Kouzina: Serving Up A Fresh Taste Of Greece

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Staying true to its Greek roots, this is definitely a feast for the gods.

Greeka Kouzina, one of the best-loved Greek bistros in the metro is offering a new dish that is sure to delight its regulars.

As the Greek-inspired restaurant is known for its lamb dishes and huge family servings, Greeka Kouzina is upping the ante with their menu, with the Beef Gevmatas dish.

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Beef Gevmatas

The beef gevmatas is a beautifully-seasoned beef dish that comes with their signature Greeka rice, patates fournou, lemonates, tabbouleh, and tatziki. Originally served in single servings, this offering can now be enjoyed by one hungry individual looking to satisfy the bang for his buck.

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Chicken and Lamb Meatball Gevmatas

The Chicken and Lamb Meatball Gevmatas dish is also a welcome alternative, for those looking for a little more variety with their flavors.

Of course, a trip to Greeka Kouzina cannot be complete without trying their crowd favorites:

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Eggplant Dip

Always a good choice for an appetizer, the eggplant dip is light, creamy and satisfying.


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Grilled Chicken Souvlaki Salad

Char-grilled chicken souvlaki masterfully paired with mixed greens, as well as raisins and nuts. The grilled chicken souvlaki salad is a perennial crowd pleaser in this bistro. You get the freshness from the crisp vegetables, yet the chicken provides a welcome complement by packing on the flavor. Add a squeeze of some lemon and this salad is perfection.


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Krasates (Pork Chops)

Grilled pork chops served with blue cheese walnut and Greeka’s signature gravy. The pork chops were tender and well-seasoned, and the blue cheese walnut gives it that interesting contrast to the smoky flavor of the meat.


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Roast Lamb Shoulder

This lamb shoulder was seasoned with Greeka’s signature spice blend. A clear favorite of our group, for its juicy and tender meat, gamey flavor, and generous portions. An obvious winner for big groups and carnivore lovers out there.


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Delectable grilled eggplant layered with beef tomato sauce and cheesy bechamel. Those unfamiliar with the dish will be instantly reminded of lasagna — perfectly creamy and flavorful.


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Arni Keftedes Pasta (Lamb Meatball Pasta)

We absolutely love the creaminess of the sauce, as well as the rich flavor of the lamb meatballs.


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Watercress Pasta

Similar to the lamb meatball pasta, only the watercress gives it a more refreshing twist. An overall well-balanced dish.



For those working in the area, you will be delighted to know that Greeka Kouzina’s Kapitolyo Branch is now offering beer! Now there’s a perfect combination to go with those huge servings. This makes the Kapitolyo branch even more compelling to drop by in, for those after-work nightcaps, or a good dinner and post-dinner night with friends.

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Greeka Kouzina

Kapitolyo Branch: D Strip Building, 20 United Street, Pasig, Metro Manila


Greeka Kouzina: Serving Up A Fresh Taste Of Greece