GRAYCIOUS EXODOS: A Multimedia Art Exhibit


This will be at the 21st of August(Sunday), starting 11am – 10pm at A Space( Legazpi Street, Makati, 1229 Kalakhang Maynila ). This is for free and is open for public. We are graduating students (Abigail Kerr and Moses John Tabuso) from Asia Pacific College (APC) under the course of Multimedia and Arts.  As a prerequisite of the subject Exhibition Design: we were  tasked to hold an exhibit as a major requirement in completion of our course.

This exhibit is important because this shows the start of our advocacy as students specializing in film, aside from our given target audience, we strongly aim to help, motivate, and support individuals who have passion in Film. Moreover, we are extending our reach to render and voluntarily help productions,  communities and individuals to spread and inculcate  their respective advocacies to people using the medium of Film

Inclined with our Exhibit we will be holding an Artist Workshop & Talks.

This will be at the 20th of August(Saturday), starting 11am – 6pm at Multipurpose Hall1of Asia Pacific College (APC) in 3 Humabon Place Magallanes Village, Makati City.

This artist workshop and talks are important because these show and strengthen how we fulfill our whole which includes: To gather artist in different fields and to give them a space wherein they could channel, express, and share their experiences with their respective field.

Ripple Trails Creative ( RTC )

We name our group as Ripple Trails Creatives ( RTC ) including the communities we have help, whom we have inspired to help others as well.


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