Golden State Manages With Absent Klay Thompson; Beats Boston In Double OT

Klay Thompson’s absence made quite an injury on the Golden State Warriors’ line up, but they managed to beat the Boston Celtics 124-119 after pushing two overtime games.


The Warriors were leading the game right from first quarter with Ian Clark, Brandon Rush, Andrew Bogut, Stephen Curry, and Draymond Green taking the court.

At halftime, the Warriors were up by four points, 57-53.

The warriors extended their lead entering the third quarter, but Boston pulled 7 unanswered points to tie the game at 82 points bridging the third and fourth quarter.

Boston rallied strong in the fourth quarter, with Isiah Tomas and Kelly Olynyk taking over the reins for the Celtics. With the game clock winding down, Boston enjoyed a good lead and the Warriors struggling.

But the Warriors covered good ground, and with 41 seconds left on the clock, the two teams were tied at 103 until the end of the fourth to push for an overtime game.

Trying to settle the game at the overtime, both teams struggled to take control of the ball; but after five minutes of extra play, both teams still tied at 110.

A second overtime game finally put an end to the intense game, thanks to Andre Igodala’s free-throw at the last five seconds that moved the Warriors away from Boston’s reach.

Stephen Curry fired 38 points, 11 boards, and eight assists, to lead the Warriors. Draymond Green followed in with 24 points, 11 rebounds, and eight assists. Klay Thompson didn’t take the floor tonight due to an ankle injury from their match against the Indiana Pacers.

Kelly Olynyk closed 28 points, six rebounds, and three assists for the Celtics. Avery Bradley made 19 points, while Isaiah Thomas had 18 points, six boards, and 10 assists.

The Warriors will face the Milwaukee Bucks tomorrow, hoping to extend their streak to 25-0, while the Celtics will go up against the Charlotte Hornets.