Slaughtered Golden Retriever Killua Tested Positive for Rabies—PAWS

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) said Killua, the golden retriever mauled to death in Camarines Sur, tested positive for rabies over the weekend.

The organization released a statement on March 25 urging those who may have been scratched or bitten by Killua to get post-exposure shots as soon as possible, including the dog’s owner, Vina Rachelle Arazas.

Killua golden retriever

Photo: Vina Rachelle Arazas

“PAWS would like to inform the public that Killua’s body tested positive for rabies and urges those who may have been scratched or bitten by the dog to immediately get post-exposure shots,” the statement read.

“This includes pet owner Vina Arazas, who hugged the bloodied body of her beloved dog when she found him at a known dog slaughter area in Sta Cruz, Bato, Camarines Sur.”

PAWS emphasized that the result may be inaccurate as Killua’s body had been buried for five days before testing. It also stressed the possible contamination of the body due to exposure to a nearby slaughterhouse.

“While the result of the testing may not be accurate due to the fact that the body had already been buried for five days prior to testing and may have been contaminated from being in an area where many stray dogs have already been slaughtered,” the organization added. “PAWS is making this announcement to ensure that any bites or scratches will be reported promptly in the interest of public health and safety.”

PAWS stated that, according to the Bureau of Animal Industry’s (BAI) Manual of Procedure for Rabies, the standard protocol for an animal suspected of rabies is a 14-day observation period. Meanwhile, in case of highly suspected rabies cases, the animal must be “humanely euthanized with no damage to the head.”

The organization asserted that it will continue to file criminal charges against Anthony Solares for animal cruelty, indicating the CCTV footage showed him chasing Killua.

“PAWS is still set to file criminal charges against Anthony Solares for animal cruelty as CCTV footages show that he was the one who chased the dog and even poked Killua while the animal was hiding under a car in order to make it come out so he could beat Killua to death.”

PAWS further said in its statement that Solares brought Killua to a known slaughterhouse and owns a carinderia business that sells meat viands near the slaughterhouse. This urged them to file charges of Anti Rabies Act or RA 9482 violation for engaging in dog meat trade.

The organization also encouraged everyone who may have consumed dogs from the area where Killua’s body was found to get post-exposure shots. As of writing, Arazas has yet to speak out about the matter.

On March 17, Killua was found lifeless in a sack after it was mauled to death by Solares in Camarines Sur, claiming the dog bit him and chased his child. However, the CCTV footage showed him chasing and hitting the dog. PAWS reiterated in its previous statement that Solares had not acted in self-defense and informed people of humane ways of animal control.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), rabies is a preventable disease often transmitted to animals, mostly dogs and cats, through the bite of a rabid animal, not inborn nor inherited. The national public health agency also noted that the most effective way to prevent an animal from contracting the disease is by keeping the rabies vaccinations for pets up-to-date.

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