Go Skateboarding Day Manila: Hundreds of Skateboarders Ride with Pride




When in Manila, there is no hiding the talents of the skaters as seen in the video. 


From a subculture to one of the world’s top action sports, skateboarding has indeed gone a long way since the 1950s, when it was just considered as a fun way to surf the streets by California surfers.


It is because of the rapid growth of the skateboard community and its evolution into becoming an action sport well-loved by millions all over the world that caused skateboarding to have its own holiday. Thus, in 2004, Go Skateboarding Day was officially established by the International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC).  In the interest of keeping the spirit of skateboarding alive, the celebration of this holiday goes in line with how the action sport started—through a series of decentralized events organized by skateboarders, organizations, and brands all over the world.



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The message of Go Skateboarding Day is where the inspiration behind the theme of this year’s Push Don’t Pollute: Ride with Pride came from. Held at Bonifacio Global City on June 23 and spearheaded by Sector 9, the event also celebrates the growth of the local skateboard community over the years.



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“This growth has been brought about by the numerous grassroots initiatives of skaters, groups, and brands over the years, spanning from competitions advertised via word of mouth to impromptu skate sessions at local spots,” explained Freddy Gonzalez, President of Freesurf, Inc., the company that exclusively distributes core action sports brands such as Sector 9, RVCA, Billabong, and the like through concept stores like Aloha Boardsports and Five-0 Skate Shop. “Ride with Pride pays homage to this joint effort, because we understand the fact that the current state of the skateboard community and culture wouldn’t have been what is now without the dedication of these people.”


Featuring several categories such as a 10 km push race for men, women, and junior skaters, as well as a best trick competition, the 3rd Sector 9 Push Don’t Pollute: Ride with Pride one of the most highly-anticipated events in the industry. Not only will the participants get to showcase their skills, they also get the chance to win a cash prize of P10, 000 plus awesome Sector 9 goodies in the push race and Sector 9 products in the best trick competition.



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Skateboarding for a cause


Aside from promoting environmental awareness, the event provides the skateboard community with a perfect venue to express their solidarity and appreciation for skateboarding as a sport and as a culture, proving that skateboarders can also skate in order to support something they believe in.



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“The 3rd Sector 9 Push Don’t Pollute: Ride with Pride is also an invitation for everyone to see another facet of skateboarding,” Gonzalez added. “In addition to being an action sport, it has also become a form of creative expression because of its diverse community. In fact, you’ll be able to see its creative influences in music, art, and fashion.”


It is the understanding of skateboarding’s grassroots origin and its dynamic and passionate community that has provided Sector 9 with a unique insight into the skate culture and mindset, enabling it to become one of the go to brands for skateboard enthusiasts.



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“We’re very happy with the response we’ve gotten for this year’s Sector 9 Push Don’t Pollute Push Race,” Gonzalez commented. “The fact that more and more people are trying out skateboarding encourages us to come up with more activities like this. After all, at the end of the day, our focus has always been on providing our market with the best skate experience no matter where they are.”


The 3rd Sector 9 Push Don’t Pollute Race: Ride with Pride is presented by Aloha Boardsports, Billabong, and Five-0 Skate Shop, and co-presented by Fox International Channels, Magoo’s Pizza, and VitaminBoost.


Go Skateboarding Day Manila: Hundreds of Skateboarders Ride with Pride