Glamping By Lifestyle Pitch 3: Enjoying The Outdoors Without The Fuss

Summer has officially kicked in, and there is no better way to start it off than by partying by the beach and staying outdoors, basking in the glorious sun of Zambales. Last weekend, we were able to experience glamping together with the beautiful people from Lifestyle Network, and needless to say, it was definitely one for the books.

Glamping by Lifestyle (21)The gorgeous glampsite! 🙂

Glamping, or ‘glamorous camping’ as they describe it, was first introduced by Lifestyle during last year’s Summer Siren Festival. The concept was such a hit that they decided to bring it back this year, bringing in more fun gimmicks and activities that we immensely enjoyed. For three days, we gave up all our worries and let the moment wash us into a kind of euphoria — just appreciating great music, dancing until our feet hurt, staying by the beach, and confidently knowing that there’s a relaxing place for us rest after all the shenanigans.

Glamping by Lifestyle (3)Our welcoming committee

Glamping by Lifestyle (1)What’s inside our tent

If you’re curious on how glamping works, we were actually provided with tents (thanks Coleman!), complete with airbeds, soft pillows, an air cooler, and a lamp. It’s pretty much camping, without the hassle of setting up and sleeping on the uncomfortable ground of the camp site. It’s also more gorgeous and pinterest-y, as our camp is actually styled by H&M Home, complete with the fairy lights, cute printed decors, and small banderitas.

Glamping by Lifestyle (22)Sleeping areas

Glamping by Lifestyle (23)The common area

Glamping by Lifestyle (7)Zsaris serenading the glampers during dinner

Aside from our tents, our campsite also had a common area where we had some outdoor screening at night, as well as an acoustic set during our welcome dinner. We also had breakfast buffets, and a dining area complete with butlers (how fancy can that get!). Basically, everything that you’ll need, you’ll find it inside our camp. The glampers also had an exclusive toilet and shower area, which is air conditioned (plus fancy points).

Glamping by Lifestyle (26)Time to get crafty!

GLAMPING BY LIFESTYLEOur very own ice cream made from milk, cream, and kinetic energy

Right outside the camp are various booth activities that glampers can try for free. Some of them are the iced tea booth from Nestea; the craft booth by DMC where you can do some really nice dream catchers, friendship bracelets, as well as mandalas; the metallic tattoo area; the “mane” area where you can have your hair braided; and Coleman’s very cool “Make Your Own Ice Cream” booth, where you get to create your own delicious dessert by just using milk, cream, and a jug with ice. Pretty awesome!

Glamping by Lifestyle (20)Metabeats Session Time with Coach Jim & Toni Saret

Glamping by Lifestyle (19)Glampers working it hard!

Fitness is also one of the main themes of the glamping event, thus, Lifestyle decided to bring in coaches Jim and Toni Saret to introduce Metabeats program. Dubbed as the metabolic workout, this 4-minute intense exercises are created for you to burn around 200 calories in just a short amount of time. This is also accompanied by fun and energizing music, mixed by top DJs in the country, to give you an extra boost while you burn those fats away. Coach Jim and Toni also gave tips on how to properly incorporate living a healthier lifestyle by doing small changes in your habits. If you’re interested to know more about this workout, they have a new show on Lifestyle.

Glamping by Lifestyle (13)Ultimate throwback session with Hale

Glamping by Lifestyle (14)Ebe Dancel bringing all the feels

Although everything is set inside the camp, it simply just gets better. We also had access to the party outside, with an exclusive glampers lounge, complete with overflowing booze, and an awesome view of the stage. Of course we grabbed the opportunity and partied the night away with our favorite bands and DJs.

Glamping by Lifestyle (6)

The event was definitely one hell of a blast and we wouldn’t want it any other way. A perfect combination of everything that’s great and summery, this event was all we could ask for to kick start the season of bikinis, beaches, and fun nights.

Until the next one! 🙂