This Girl Met a Guy on a Dating App… and Then He Stole Her Phone.

If there’s one thing we learned from this recent story by Pam Benitez, it’s not to trust people you meet on dating apps too quickly. Despite being embarrassed by the ordeal that she went through, Pam felt it was important to share her story to warn other girls about this ‘scam’ that seems to be going on in the dating world. Upon sharing her story, many other girls have come forward to share similar horror stories of guys stealing their phones during their dates. One girl even lost multiple phones after allowing the same guy that Pam talks about to come into her home to watch movies with her.

Pam basically met a guy through a dating app and they started chatting, texting, and messaging each other through Viber. Nothing out of the ordinary there.

“He was so eager to meet me because he said that’s just the way he is,” Pam shares. He told her that when he likes someone, he will do anything to get closer to her. Apparently, he even had a sob story ready about how his ex had cheated on him and how he vowed not to get into another relationship until he had finished and gotten his Civil Engineering license. “He even added me on Instagram, and the account seemed legit,” she explains. He even posted a recent picture to corroborate his stories. Sadly, Pam believed him.

Pam continues her story: “Since it was convenient and I was trying to meet people to get over someone (this is so wrong, I know!), I agreed to meet him at Market Market. First, he said we should have coffee before my shift. Since I wasn’t free, though, he said after my shift was fine.”

The two met at Market Market and the guy even offered to carry her bag. Fortunately, her bag was heavy, so he wasn’t able to take it.

While walking and talking from Market Market to High Street, the guy made a big deal about forgetting his wallet in his car which his brother borrowed. He then asked Pam if she had enough load to make a call and if he could call his brother to get it back. “Although it was annoying, I gave in,” Pam admits. “He even put it on loud speaker, so I could hear the conversation. His ‘brother’ said the wallet was there. I had a violet Samsung Galaxy S9+.”

They eventually got a table at a coffee shop on High Street; but since he didn’t have his wallet on him, Pam ended up paying for the coffee first with the guy’s promise that he would pay her back once his wallet got there.

While talking, the guy explored her phone a little bit because, apparently, he wasn’t used to using an Android. A bit later, the ‘brother’ texted and asked if the guy could call him. At first, the guy left the coffee shop to take the call but left his own phone on the table. “I could see him outside,” Pam explains. “The second time, I could still see him, too. Apparently, the ‘brother’ was arriving.” Sadly, vanity struck and Pam fixed herself in the mirror. The next thing she knew; the guy was gone… with her phone. “I waited 3-5 minutes for him to reappear,” Pam says. “I even felt bad going after him because he might think I was accusing him of something.”

It’s a good thing Pam had her S7 with her, which had her work sim in it, so she used it to call her phone. It was ringing, so the guy wasn’t talking to anyone anymore. Once Pam successfully subscribed to a data plan and connected to the Internet, she used Find My Android and found that the guy was already at 32nd Street. “By the time I got there, though, eight minutes had already passed, so I called my Facebook Messenger to activate the GPS and it traced him to Guadalupe.”

Pam then hailed a cab and went to the police station in Guadalupe for assistance. “I was about to get onto the officer’s motorcycle (in a dress, no less!) when he called,” Pam shares. She had used her number to lock her phone, after all. “I asked where he was, but that was definitely the wrong move,” Pam admits. “When we got there, he wasn’t. Although the phone was still turned on, the data was turned off; so we could no longer trace him.” And just like that, Pam’s phone was gone. How crazy is that?

Of course, it is important to take note that this kind of situation could happen anytime, really, and not just by meeting people through dating apps. In fact, it could even happen within your close circle. Generally speaking, you should always make it a point to be mindful of your belongings. Do you have any similar stories to share with us? Leave a comment and let us know!

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