Game of Thrones: Why I Wish the Season 6 Finale was the Series Finale


Now that that’s out of the way, I need to warn you that my opinions in this article are very unpopular opinions. I have quite a few friends who watch Game of Thrones, but not a single one of them loves the Lannisters as much as I do … or even loves the Lannisters, period.

My love for the Lannisters began way in the beginning. In fact, they are the reason why I became obsessed/addicted with Game of Thrones to begin with. I have always loved out-of-the-ordinary love stories (my favorite ‘love story’ is Sweeney Todd!) and the love between Jaime and Cersei (let’s ignore the incest part for a moment) really struck a chord in me. Yes, pushing a child out of a window to make sure your love is kept a secret may be a bit crazy, but Jaime definitely sent the message across that he would do anything for their love.

Jaime-and-Cersei Lannister

Joffrey Baratheon also happens to be my absolute favorite character in Game of Thrones (and I consider him to be a Lannister since he is a full Lannister by blood). This is partly because he had Ned killed, and you have to admit: that was the move that made everyone realize Game of Thrones was not your ordinary TV series. However, I also loved him because he played his role so incredibly well. I think I am one of the very, very few people the world over who actually cried instead of rejoicing when Joffrey died. (I rejoiced when Ramsay died, though – don’t you worry: I’m still human!)

Even after Joffrey’s death, though, I remained loyal to the Lannisters. While some of the things they have done so far may be deemed as immoral, their justifications for their moves have always made sense to me. They did certain things, so that their family could survive – and isn’t your family’s survival ultimately the most important thing in the world? The Lannisters also prove to be the most interesting house in the show with their vastly different personalities (remember: Tyrion is considered to be a Lannister, too… so far anyway).

The Lannisters are also unpredictable and very, very cunning, especially Cersei. The last episode of Season 6 definitely proves that as it started off with Cersei’s utterly amazing opening scene and ended with the epic image below:

dress Cersei Iron Throne

For someone who is rooting for Team Lannister, even though it is so very obvious that there is no way we will win at the end of this show, the finale of Season 6 is everything we could have hoped for. It had me screaming for joy, fist-bumping the air and wishing that this were the official ending of the entire show.

Yes, part of me actually wishes that seasons 7 and 8 would no longer happen, so that my beloved Lannisters could have their happy (albeit children-less) ending. Anyway, if you think about it: that would be a very unexpected Game of Thrones-ish ending, so why not? :p Who’s with me?

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