Galileo Enoteca: The Taste of Italian Countryside in the Heart of Eastwood

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When In Manila, spend your birthday salubong in style and Italian way. In the heart of Eastwood City in Libis, Quezon City, a jewel of authentic Italian deli and winery entertained us for my special day. Galileo Enoteka has a wide selection of Italian wines with enoteka meaning wine gallery in Italian. The original Galileo Enoteka is in Mandaluyong City but they opened their doors in Eastwood to cater to the busy folks who wants to avoid the hassles, and just relax with a glass of wine.



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Just a very small portion the wine shelves at Galileo Enoteca 


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Galileo Enoteca served fruity Italian Merlot for the Starters



Galileo Enoteka lives up to its name with walls of lovely Italian deli practically covered with wine shelves featuring different wine variants from across regions of Italy. Each of the wine variants are best paired with how heavy the meal is and since we are just going to have a light dinner, we were served Merlot, a wine named from grapes where it is made from. Merlot is light and fruity to the taste with a smooth finish. If you are dining at Galileo Enoteka, you should try wine pairing with your food.



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Galileo Enoteca’s appetizer: Fromaggi e Salumi Misti



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Prosciutto e Melone, mix of sweet and salty at Galileo Enoteca



We started appetizers well with Fromaggi e Salumi Misti, a mix of assorted cheese and cold cuts. The cheese and cold cuts are meant to be eaten by itself but you would love this in your freshly baked bread. If you are interested what those cheeses are, those are premium quality asiago, pamigiano regiano, grana padano while for cold cutsjamon serrano, salami picante, chorizo. You should also try the Prosciutto e Melone, melon slices covered in thin slices of prosciutto. You would love how the sweetness of the crunchy melon complements with the slight saltiness of prosciutto



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Galileo Enoteca’s Bruschettas with Tomatoes, Basil and Olive Oil



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Prosciutto e Salsiccia with Cheese Pizza at Galileo Enoteca



Have a bite of Galileo Enoteca’s Bruschettas too! Lightly toasted, topped with tomatoes, basil, onions and olive oil, you would surely crave for more of this healthy treat. What is Italian without pizza? Have a pan of Prosciutto e Salsiccia, a pizza with slices of Italian sausages, pomodoro and parma ham. You can also have the option of halving it with another kind of pizza according to your preference. We had Quattro Formaggi Pizze that has Pomodoro, Mozzarella, Provolone, Parmiggiano and Gorgonzola, while you can also have Margherita, Napoli, Quattro Stagioni, Tutta Carne, Shrimp and Garlic.



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Galileo Enoteca’s creamy Penne al Gorgonzola



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Spaghetti Fruitti di Mare or Seafood Pasta from Galileo Enoteca



Give way for authentic Italian pasta dishes from Galileo Enoteca! Try Penne al Gorgonzola, a creamy and cheesy pasta dish made from melted Gorgonzola cheese, a kind of blue cheese made in the northern regions of Italy. Gorgozola has a distinct yummy and salty taste that goes well with the al dente pasta penne. If Penne al Gorgonzola got you craving for more, wait until you have savored the Spaghetti Fruitti di Mare with a variety of seafood in the dish. This pasta dish has a very generous serving of seafood, is olive oil-based and has a sprinkling of herbs that definitely gives a good foodgasm after.



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Galileo Enoteca’s Risotto Con Porcini Mushroom and Truffle Oil



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Pan-fried Salmon on a bed of Spinach at Galileo Enoteca



Never forget to savor Galileo Enoteca‘s risotto and we had Risotto con Porcini Mushrooms in Truffle Oil. The creamy rice dish with a mix of crunchy porcini mushrooms is awesome. The smooth creamy rice is complemented by the crunch of the mushrooms which goes well with the food textures. Pan-fried Salmon with spinach does justice to the natural yummy sweet taste of salmon and feels healthier too. Breaking from the Italian to my Filipino side, I ate this one with big spoon of risotto.



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Galileo Enoteca’s Cotoletta Alla Milanese or Milanese Cutlets



Cotoletta alla Milanese happens to be a good finisher for the whole meal. Pork cutlets with a crispy breading, the garden salad complements for a healthy treat and a zest of lemon also adds a refreshing taste to the dish. Speaking of lemons, let us have a toast to Il Limone, an Italian liquor made from fermented lemon peels. It is said that drinking to a shot of Limone helps in aiding digestion. With so much at the table, we definitely need a shot but nevertheless we had fun going Italian that night.



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When In Manila, wishing to relax and savor the Italian countryside in the middle of a bustling city, try out Galileo Enoteca for you would surely love the ambience and experience with friends or your significant other. The Eastwood branch is open daily from 11am to 11pm while they also have a cozier Mandaluyong branch at No.80 Calbayog cor. Malinao Streets, for those who wish to have an even more laid back setting, and the branch is open from Mondays to Saturdays, 11am to 11pm.



Galileo Enoteca Deli

City Walk 1, Cyberpark, Eastwood

Libis, Quezon City

Contact No. 0922-832-8071

Galileo Enoteca on Facebook



When In Manila photos by JoTan23, write-up by República Negrénse.



Galileo Enoteca: The Taste of Italian Countryside in the Heart of Eastwood