“Friends” Actor Tries to Explain Why the Characters Always Had the Best Table in Central Perk

One of the key locations in Friends is Central Perk, the coffee shop where the characters hung out to discuss their lives and joke with each other. But why is it that they were always in the same table? Shooting convenience aside, why did they always get the best seat in the house?!

James Michael Tyler, who played Gunther on the show, tried to explain why on a radio show. According to him, the fan theory that his character reserved the table for them makes a lot of sense. He said, “It never really occurred to me why it was there, but it makes a lot of sense [that Gunther put it there] in retrospect. There are a lot of little Easter eggs which are in there, that people will be looking for for years to come!”

Gunther is famously in love with Rachel Green, Jennifer Aniston’s character.

He clarified that he did not put the sign there. He added, “I never did that! That was probably one of the set designers, I’m guessing, maybe one of the writers … I’m not sure who was responsible for that. But I do remember seeing that.”

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