Former Urbandub Front Man Gab Alipe Stars in Hilarious Father’s Day Video

We often see Gabby Alipe rocking concerts with heart pounding beats and guitar licks. Even after Urbandub decided to part ways, Gabby went on to be a solo artist. With years of experience under his belt and a handful of chart-topping songs, Gabby has made a name for himself in the alternative rock scene.

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But recently, Gabby starred in a hilarious Father’s Day video showing a different side of the former Urbandub vocalist. He is seen mimicking the moves of wrestling superstars and even the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles — a typical father braving the daily responsibilities of life but is still a kid at heart.

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The video is part of Eastwood City’s unFather’s Day event, a different take in celebrating fatherhood. Dads who never really grew up are in for a treat as different activities are lined up to unleash the inner kid in them.

Dads who crave the fast and furious experience will surely love the Hot Wheels Toy Exhibit at the Eastwood Mall Atrium from June 12-25. Also a must-try is the Archery Workshop with Kodanda Archery at the Eastwood City Walk 2 from June 14-18. Fathers who grew up in the 90s will also get to meet their favorite cartoon character in the cosplayers meet and greet event at the Eastwood Mall Open Park on June 17-18. A live wrestling match will also be held at the mall’s open park perfect for dads looking for an action-packed Father’s Day treat.

Click on the link to see the video.

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