For World Mental Health Day, listen to these life coaches on this livestreaming app!

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To celebrate World Mental Health Day on October 10, kumu wanted to shine the light on Coach Mo Ko; a segment on Spotlight TV that runs from Monday to Friday at 10 AM. It features passionate life coaches who spread messages of positivity and empowerment. Get to know a few of the ladies who guide Kumunizens on how to live a more fulfilling life.


  1. Olivia Lou A. Yao (@miss.o)


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Olivia Lou A. Yao, fondly known as Ms. O., is a Special Education Specialist, a Parent and Family Education and Empowerment Consultant, and an Advance Behavior Interventionist. She has over a decade’s worth of experience working with children with special needs.  She is also a mental health resource speaker and a passionate advocate. “I’m doing my best to move the Philippines from mental health awareness towards mental health acknowledgment and action.”


Realizing that many Filipinos lacked access to these necessary resources, she joined kumu in November of 2019 to educate and empower a wider audience. Since then she has created 5 shows where she talks about anything and everything under the sun. Her first show, The Secret Series, delves into topics like mental health, self-care, parenting, education, culture, mindset, and current events. As an entrepreneur, she also collaborated on StartUp Secrets: The Real Negosyante Talk, where she talks about the success and failures of every startup.


She has also been able to use the platform to raise funds for her different causes. Most notably, Oplan Malasakit, wherein A-Team, Pamilya Saranggola, and Alingawngaw held separate fundraising concerts for the benefit of front liners and jeepney drivers.


Though Ms. O. knows that there is a long road ahead, she is excited about how an app like kumu can help the future of the industry by being a tool to continue educating every Filipino.


  1. Rica “Rix” Hernandez (@rix_hernandez)


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Coach Rix Hernandez has been teaching Yoga and sharing the message of mindful living and wellness since 2013. However, it was not until 2019 that she joined kumu hoping to reach the younger generation. As a life coach and mentor, she has hosted talks about self-love, leadership, being a high-value human being, and other topics related to mental and emotional health.


Knowing that some individuals cannot afford to invest in a life coach, or simply do not value themselves enough, Rix says that other life coaches can leverage an app like kumu to offer whatever help they can. “For me, there is always that one person that needs to hear what you have to say – and I show up for that one potential person on my stream.”


A few coaching shows that Rix recommends include: Increasing Mental Toughness, How to Be a High-Value Individual, Take Control of Your Destiny, and Finding Your Purpose and Passion in Life.


  1. Trixie “Positivitrix” Baretto Esguerra (@positivitrix)


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Coach Trixie Esguerra found her calling in vision board coaching. Though she knew it was a niche that very few people in the Philippines focused on, she had experienced how powerful it was and wanted to share it with more people.


Not only has she been able to help individuals recognize the potential of vision boards, she has also been able to collaborate and stream with other inspiring people she calls the #PositivTeam. However, more than being able to spread the message, Coach Trixie is most appreciative of the outpouring of gratitude she receives from her viewers.  After every stream, she is sure to receive positive feedback.


“Coaches should consider Kumu too because the audience here is more engaged and appreciative, not to mention, able to exercise their generosity.”


  1. MJ Aoki (@mj.aoki)


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Coach MJ Aoki has been a life coach for 2 years and has been an avid kumu user since 2019. Though she talks about a range of topics, she often shares what she learns from personal experience and transformational workshops.


Her life coaching content typically revolves around health, relationship, career, finance, spirituality, and passion. She shares the interrelation of mind, emotions, body, and spirit and relates it to choices individuals make to actualize desires in life. “What my listeners realize by listening in my streams is that life doesn’t happen to us, but FOR us.”


Coach MJ chose kumu because it is a positive and welcoming environment with highly engaged audiences. Not only that, but she recognizes that kumu can help breakdown barriers that surround life coaching.


Many people think that coaching is only for people who have problems or are experiencing stress, anxiety, and depression. However, Coach MJ also recognizes that it can help individuals looking to improve and better themselves regardless of their situation.


Through streaming on kumu, she has seen more people become open to it. Kumunizens have been able to embrace the idea that everyone is capable of reaching higher levels of awareness that ultimately leads to a life filled with so much love, joy, and abundance


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