Flying Tiger Copenhagen to Open Its First Store in PH

It doesn’t take much to make someone smile. At a glance, there is a lot to consume, but with the knick-knacks and wonders that abound, it becomes an inspiring, extraordinary experience worth coming back to at any given chance. This is where Flying Tiger Copenhagen traces its roots from, the Scandinavian design-led value-for-money retail concept store that now boasts of a global imprint of 892 stores in 33 markets. And their next address within a clear and focused framework of expansion? The Philippines.  

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Photo: Flying Tiger Copenhagen

In the business of designing extraordinary products for everyday life since 1995, Flying Tiger Copenhagen hopes that with their one-of-a-kind brand, they can bring Filipinos closer together through special experiences. With its unique assortment of fantastic and functional assortment of well-designed offerings, it becomes infinitely clear that a richer life doesn’t cost a fortune, at least not for Flying Tiger Copenhagen. In fact, financial feasibility is deeply ingrained in their identity as it takes its name from the phonetic similarity of the Danish word, tier, as in a 10 kroner coin, which is what all items in its first store used to cost. 

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Photo: Flying Tiger Copenhagen

“Parallel to the same penchant for fun, quality products, including a shopping experience that is inspiring as it is cool and up to date, we are looking forward to what is in store for Flying Tiger Copenhagen in the Philippines,” says Anton Huang, President of SSI Group, Inc. With its firm pulse on what the customers want and need, as well as of its indubitable foresight on the Filipino retail landscape, the things you didn’t know existed, the things you dream of become things you need, especially for this introductory venture into this particular retail format. ”The opening of our first Flying Tiger Copenhagen store in the Philippines marks the start of our exciting expansion in Southeast Asia. This is an important milestone for our brand and we are very pleased to have partnered up with SSI Group on this monumental market entry,” says Martin Jermiin, CEO of Flying Tiger Copenhagen. 

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Photo: Flying Tiger Copenhagen

Much like the treasure hunt of its market origins, the contemporary store concept is fashioned as an inspiring maze of ever-changing curated choices and surprising discoveries. Claiming its inaugural outpost in the thriving scene of Ayala Malls Glorietta, the shopping experience is transparent, open, and simple, with its impressive array of minimally packaged products displayed in a stylish setting. A coming together of their own design and curation, bold campaigns and storytelling, and a clear design identity, the diverse product line becomes compelling at every turn for Flying Tiger Copenhagen. From toys and games, arts and crafts, party and gifts, sports and wellness, as well as food, home, and stationery, there is something for you to marvel at and add to your basket.  

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Photo: Flying Tiger Copenhagen

“We bring Scandinavian elements, affordability, and create a joyful experience for customers in our stores. Seeing people smile and share their finds captures the essence of what we aim to bring to our customers”. —Martin Jermiin, CEO of Flying Tiger Copenhagen.

Beyond just great design, which is what the great folks at Flying Tiger Copenhagen love, it is their most steadfast mission to make sure it is affordable and accessible to everyone. With its strong focus on uniqueness, relevance, and sustainability, nothing brings them greater joy than the prospect of their innovative and cutting-edge designs to find a place in every Filipino home. Now, the possibility is a reality.  

The first Flying Tiger Copenhagen in the Philippines is set to open in October 2023. Follow Flying Tiger Philippines and SSI Life on Instagram for more updates.