Filipinos Then and Now: “What we need is Discipline!”

When the APEC delegates came to the Philippines last week, a lot of Filipinos shared their dismay and even annoyance through social media. While a few were directing their rants toward the delegates and even Obama himself, others showed disappointment toward our government’s way of preparing for the big event. It was more or less the same thing done during the papal visit – a lot of last minute preps and “hidden” truths. It kind of makes us wonder, was it always this way?

One of the things done during the papal visit as well as APEC week was to hide the street dwellers from public eye. Most were brought to Boytown were they were said to be well taken care of. A lot question this move and ask why they needed to be “hidden”. While others think that the government is actually helping them out by doing this, there are others who ask why this move is just being done when we have visitors arriving. Is it really being done for the people or for the government?

Recent photos posted by the Facebook page, “Usapang Korapsyon” show how different things seemed to be during the time of Marcos. The page posts this caption together with the photos,

“Noong panahon ni Marcos… Hindi tinatago ang mga mahihirap.. Kasi desiplinado sila… Kasama pa nga sila sa pagsalubong sa mga bisita…

Ngaun… Itatago talaga dahil mga walang desiplina… Hindi kelangan ng Pilipinas ang Demokrasya… Desiplina ang kelangan.”

President Nixon Visit 2

President Nixon Visit

Rough English Translation:

“During the time of Marcos, the street dwellers didn’t not to be hidden because they were disciplined… They were even included in welcoming our visitors.

Today, they are hidden because we lack discipline… the Philippines does not need democracy, it needs discipline.”

People have shared various thoughts and opinions on the photos above, but most boiled down to one point – we need more discipline.

What do you think of these photos? What do you think the Filipino people need?


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