Filipino Literature Goes Digital at Flipreads!

When in Manila and the rain is pouring hard, people like to curl up in their couches with books on hand.  But not everyone has their own library, so if you don’t have a book and you can’t go out to buy one, don’t worry because nowadays you can just go online and find some Filipino good reads at Flipreads!



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Flipreads is a Filipino-based e-book store that serves as a platform of distribution for Filipino authors, publishers and other content provider. As you browse through Flipreads, you can see the wide variety of genres beautifully displayed on the Flipreads virtual bookshelf .

Pick up a romance novel and let it captivate your heart as you read chapter to chapter.

Increase your wealth of information as you dig through their choices of textbooks. Or if you want, let your imagination explode as you breeze through your favorite comic book series.  All these you can read on your laptop, kindle, or even on your handheld iphone.

So When in Manila and it’s raining cats and dogs, have a cup of coffee with our uniquely talented and immensely creative Filipino authors. Journey with them through their worlds as you read a book from Flipreads.

Filipino Literature Goes Digital at Flipreads!