Filipino Film Wins Award in International Film Festival

Women of the Weeping River


Another Filipino film is making the rounds in the international film community: Sheron Dayoc’s Women of the Weeping River has just been given the Best Director Award in the recently held War on Screen International Film Festival, which was held in Châlons-en-Champagne in France.

Dayoc was not able to join the awarding due to prior commitments, but he gave an acceptance speech that recognized the entire team, “the Southern Lantern Studios, TBA Studios, and Haut Lesmains.”

Women of the Weeping River tells the story of two Muslim women in a remote community dealing with an increasingly dangerous feud. The two take it upon themselves to resolve the feud, which has been going on for generations.

In Dayoc’s speech, he acknowledged the need for “a deeper understanding of a deeply rooted culture of violence” in the region. He added that “The current political conflict cannot be solved unless we first address this culture of violence.”

The War on Screen International Film Festival is an annual film festival that offers a “fresh, multifaceted and international perspective on the many relationships between cinema and conflict—be it past, present or future.”

Congratulations on winning the award!