Feel like the modern day Marie Antoinette in this Paris-inspired room!

Photos by Vivien del Valle

Ever wanted to feel like royalty?

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It’s hard to come by any place that makes you feel like a princess in the hustle and bustle of the city. With the tall buildings, concrete streets, and the general monotonous feel of the city, it’d be nice to feel surrounded by gold and extravagance now and then. Just when we were about to give up, Pro Domo appeared to us like a dream. With its gilded mirrors, lush carpets, and royally modern interiors, this space made us feel like a modern-day Marie Antoinette, flitting around Versailles.

There’s nothing better than a space that makes you feel cushy and comfortable–these were the exact words that came to mind when I arrived at Pro Domo. The luxe interior matched with the softness of all the throw pillows, carpets, and crisp golden colors made me feel like I was in a dream. An 18th century, aristocratic dream.

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Hall of mirrors, anyone?

It was this beautiful, contemporary re-imagining of Versailles, what it’d look like more compact and in the city. And we appreciated all the little nods to it–the actual photos of the Hall of Mirrors, the French touches, everything.

And not only was this room so aesthetically pleasing, it was so comfortable and inviting. Everything about it was so warm and seemed to welcome us. From the impossibly soft couch to the bed that I never wanted to get up from, I was so wrapped up in my joy that I didn’t want to leave.

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Fluffy pillows!

Even the silverware was gold! (Should we say goldware?) It only heightened that regal feeling we got the moment we stepped in. Colorful tiles decorated the kitchen and gave the place a more personalized, homey feel. And it made us want to cook up our own five-course meal just to match with the entire vibe of the place. I have to say, eating off a marbled plate made me want to put on an evening gown and sip from a tall glass of champagne. It seemed that the longer I was there, the more I felt like a royal.

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They even had this cute little corner (with fur draped over the golden chair) where you could leave them sweet messages. I echoed every single note that they placed there–I definitely thought it was such a beautiful place that I’d love to come back! Several comments talked about how lovely it was, how comfortable their stay was, and how they were sure to return someday to celebrate something else. I had to put a lot of thought in my own note to make sure they knew how grateful I was for the chance to stay in such a luxe, gorgeous place.

In the corner of the room was another small chair but inside were board games! The people behind Pro Domo knew exactly what kind of things people wanted–entertainment and comfort. I never even wanted to leave the room for dinner or anything, I would’ve just preferred to kick my feet up, watch some movies on their hard drive (that came loaded with films), and maybe take a dip in the pool, too.

Stress was the farthest thing from my mind in Pro Domo. Need an escape? This one’s sure to be the comfiest one yet.

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