Feanne’s Spells & Specimens at Galerie OneWorkshop





Feanne’s Spells & Specimens at Galerie OneWorkshop


Artist Feanne’s new theme in painting reflects on her belief that science, art, and spirituality are all chords of the same universal song. Fifteen paintings to be displayed at Galerie OneWorkshop beginning July 19 depict the moon, crystals, and animal skulls, as artifacts of the earth’s beauty and symbols of the life-death-life cycle.


Her second solo exhibit uses imagery from the natural world, presented as relics or dreamscapes, to evoke the supernatural. She continues the themes of magick and beauty from her first exhibit, but this time through the lenses of shadow, silence, solitude, and mystery.


“I am doing paintings instead of drawings for this show, because I want to capture a semi-realist– but mostly surrealist– portrayal of the subjects, and also for the sheer joy of developing my skills in a different medium than my usual ink,” says Feanne.



Curated by JV Castro with live music by The Slinks and other musicians on the opening night.




Terraces At Night







Exhibit runs until July 30, 2012.

Galerie OneWorkshop is located at Suite 324 LRI Design Plaza Nicanor Garcia St Bel Air II Makati City.

Email one_workshop@yahoo.com for more information.

Feanne’s art, design, and music portfolio may be viewed online at feanne.com.






Feanne’s Spells & Specimens at Galerie OneWorkshop